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OLIB Web provides all of the staff management functionality, currently available via its client-based staff interface, across the internet. There is no client software to be installed on library PCs, staff can just click on the browser in any location at any time.

Offering choice

By introducing an option to have your service remotely hosted, OLIB has broadened the range of scenarios a library may wish to consider when implementing their management system. Libraries can choose to outsource all technological issues to OCLC and not have client software running on their workstations. This would also remove the need to run third-party client software, like Citrix.

Or, libraries may wish to run a mixed economy of Windows client and browser-based staff functionality which could be determined by the nature of the staff function or by the location of the staff. This is also possible with OLIB.


OLIB Web is a natural choice for many libraries with differing needs.

  • It aids smaller library environments, where resources are at a premium and internal IT support is restricted.
  • It benefits larger multi-site environments where the flexibility of the web as a platform for services is highly desirable.
  • It sustains the library’s bid for a functionally rich system at a cost within reach of most small to medium-sized libraries.
  • Flexible working for staff is just a browser click away - staff are no longer tied to their workstations.

With the launch of OLIB Web and the ability to implement in conjunction with OLIB’s secure hosted environment, OCLC can now provide a completely hosted solution removing any requirement for the library to maintain software at their site.