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WorldCat Search API February enhancements

The WorldCat Search API was enhanced in February 2011 with additional options for a single editions or records in Dublin Core XML.

Details of these two enhancements:

Get library locations for a single edition, instead of for the entire work

The frbrGrouping SRU parameter has been available for a while as a way of getting search results to include an entry for every matching edition, rather than grouping this into related FRBR groups (the default). It is now also available for API requests for library locations. Use the parameter “&frbrGrouping=off” to get locations for just the edition identified by the OCLC number or ISBN in your request.

Single bibliographic records now available in Dublin Core XML

Single bibliographic records are returned in MARC XML format by default. The “recordSchema” parameter can now be used to return the record in Dublin Core XML instead.

Developers everywhere are encouraged to exercise their creativity to create new apps and mash-ups that make use of WorldCat data through the WorldCat Search API, WorldCat Basic API, building links and other WorldCat widgets.

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