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WorldCat® knowledge base

Make your electronic content easier
to find, share, manage and use.

Streamline electronic resource workflows

The WorldCat knowledge base combines data about your library's electronic resources with linking features to make your collections easier to find, share, manage and use. The WorldCat knowledge base also helps you streamline electronic resource workflows.

Unlike data in a traditional knowledge base, WorldCat knowledge base data is not tied to a particular application. When you register your collections in the WorldCat knowledge base, you enable key functionality, including:

Plus, create your own unique solution by leveraging the WorldCat knowledge base API.

Improve data quality through cooperative management

As a cooperative with a long-standing tradition of relying on the expert community for cataloging, OCLC has enabled cooperative management of the WorldCat knowledge base to help create efficiencies while improving data quality for everyone in the community. WorldCat knowledge base cooperative data management gives users the ability to:


Examine the collections in the WorldCat knowledge base

The WorldCat knowledge base grows continuously and includes content from OCLC and libraries and publishers from around the world, including e-books, e-journals and open-access content.

As of May 2016, the WorldCat knowledge base provides access to 15,756 content collections from 6,218 providers.

View a list of collections [Excel spreadsheet] included in the WorldCat knowledge base. This spreadsheet represents all of the collections available in the WorldCat knowledge base and indicates:

  • which collections are open access,
  • which collections are customizable, and
  • the percentage of items in each collection that contain an OCLC number, which allows you to set your holdings in WorldCat and/or output MARC records.

If you would like to request the addition of specific collections to the WorldCat knowledge base, please send your suggestions to

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