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Subscription access

Subscription purchases give you the security of fixed annual prices for unlimited searching of selected databases. OCLC offers subscription access to most FirstSearch databases.

Subscriptions are available for either unlimited access or port-limited (simultaneous logons) for most databases. Additional databases can be added at any time. OCLC members receive a discount on their subscription purchase.

Your choice of subscription packages

Provide your users with access to the package that meets their specific reference searching needs. Choose from:

The OCLC collection

Essential OCLC databases at an affordable price. Includes:

* Included in the base package for United States subscribers only

FirstSearch base package

A valuable collection of resources for libraries of all types. Includes:

Optional databases

Whether or not you choose a subscription package, you can purchase individual subscription access to one, some, or all eligible FirstSearch databases.

OCLC and EBSCO Publishing have signed an agreement for EBSCO to host, distribute and support ten databases from the FirstSearch service. Learn more: