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eBooks and eJournals available in FirstSearch

Your library can deliver access to eBooks and eJournals through the FirstSearch service.


The Electronic Books database contains records for eBooks from a number of providers cataloged by OCLC member libraries in the WorldCat database. The database allows users to quickly and efficiently retrieve records for eBooks that their libraries have purchased or licensed, as well as titles that are available in the public domain.

The Electronic Books database raises the visibility of your library's eBook collection to users. It is available to all libraries that subscribe to the OCLC Base Package and OCLC Collection database packages.


Articles in Electronic Collections Online eJournals provide a source of full text to which records from other FirstSearch databases link. OCLC is no longer accepting new orders for Electronic Collections Online eJournals; however, libraries that have subscribed to this content in the past may continue to provide access to it through FirstSearch. Learn more about providing ongoing archive-only access to Electronic Collections Online.  

Your collection, always available

Users can access your journal collection nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through FirstSearch, performing searches and browsing by journal, by issue, or by topic area. They can search and browse article citations for all journals available through the service, and retrieve abstracts and full-text articles for the journals in your collection.