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Administrative features

  • Staff resource sharing view

A special resource sharing view of FirstSearch for library staff

A new feature of FirstSearch allows library staff to create Interlibrary Loan requests directly within FirstSearch. This functionality lets staff search for materials and complete ILL requests without ever having to leave the FirstSearch interface. You save mouse clicks and time, and improve your workflow and productivity.

The resource sharing staff view lets you:

  • Use FirstSearch to find materials for Interlibrary Loan
  • Display holdings and enter lender strings
  • Enter shipping information, billing information and borrowing notes
  • Send requests for those materials to the OCLC ILL service

The resource sharing staff view of FirstSearch is the initial phase of expanding the resource sharing capabilities in FirstSearch. ILL options in FirstSearch will continue to grow in the future, providing your library staff and end users a single place to go for all of their fulfillment needs.

To activate the resource sharing staff view of FirstSearch, your ILL staff and FirstSearch administrator will need to work together to provide access to FirstSearch using your OCLC ILL authorization and password through the FirstSearch administrative module.