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Nicki Hitchcock, Worcestershire Libraries

Nicki explains why they chose to subscribe to Enquire and what they use the service for.

Why we subscribe to Enquire.

  • Enquire gives us access to a professional enquiry service, available 24/7 for our library customers.
  • Offers support to staff and/or volunteers in smaller branches to answer enquiries they may not otherwise be able to.
  • Available reports enable us to evaluate usage
  • Continuing support from the OCLC team for training and development, etc.
  • Opportunity to customise the chat facility.

What we use Enquire for:

  • By looking at the responses from customers and the questions they ask we can continuously improve the information on our webpages.
  • Questions help us to identify customer priorities.
  • To offer extended hours of enquiry support from our own branch hours.
  • Opportunity for staff to engage in development activities and learn new skills.
  • Raise profile of the library service.

Mark Thackeray, Cornwall Libraries

“The use of Enquire for staff training in Cornwall is yet to reach its maximum, but what has been done so far highlights the flexibility and versatility of chat software.  It is hoped that in the near future even more staff will be introduced to this method of training.”


Christel Pobgee, Kent Libraries, Registration and Archives 

“The provision of the remote enquiry service Enquire was viewed as a more equitable arrangement than having specialist staff offering face to face service in very few or a single location knowing we are such a large county.”

Niall Rowe, Cheshire Library

We decided only to use the Qwidget rather than the webpage for simplicity and because there were various options for customisation and branding depending on where it would sit.”

Enquire Users

“It’s good to be able to ask for what you need and not have to search hours on the Internet for what you think you need.”

"Speed of answer was impressive and Frances was brilliant.  Thanks very much" 09:38 20/05/13

"Amazing - this kind of help at 2230.  Thank you very much" 23:00 24/04/13

“Fantastic service! If only commercial companies were as helpful and efficient ...” 11:35 18/04/13