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The service is offered on an annual subscription basis with book lists being produced on a quarterly basis in April, July, October and January.

Booklists/MARC records

The book lists are used at quarterly book selection meetings which are held in London, Birmingham, Preston and Glasgow for selection purposes. Recommendations are made from language specialists from the current book collection. The book selection meetings are open only to CILLA member libraries. The MARC records in either UKMARC or MARC21 are also available on an annual subscription and are distributed on a quarterly basis to coincide with the booklists.

Approximate numbers of records catalogued each year:

  • Bengali—500
  • Gujarati—550
  • Hindi—350
  • Panjabi—450
  • Tamil—500
  • Urdu—550
    Future Development

As OCLC continues to develop the CILLA service, the vernacular script will be made available within the MARC records, thus, if your local library management system is able to display them access to these materials will be enhanced for library users.