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CILLA at a glance

The CILLA service provides quarterly book lists for Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi, Tamil and Urdu materials suitable for public library audiences. This co-operative service enables library authorities to purchase materials more easily, and in confidence, for languages where they do not have a local specialist. The supply of MARC records also enables library authorities to gain efficiencies in cataloguing.


  • Enables libraries to purchase materials in languages without the need for a language specialist
  • Benefit from working with specialist professional book sellers
  • Enables libraries to share the benefits of centralised cataloguing
  • Libraries can benefit from sharing knowledge about the support of Indic language speaking communities through attending the book selection meetings


  • Quarterly selection book list for Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi, Tamil and Urdu languages
  • MARC21 or UKMARC records for the items purchased
  • Book selection meetings to view the actual books and share experiences