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Enquire at a glance

The Enquire service works collaboratively with partner libraries, as a library part of this membership the 24/7 Reference Cooperative lets Enquire offer round the clock live help to your users, every day of the year by being staffed by participating librarians in the UK and US.  


  • Real-time online help and advice to members of the public from qualified reference librarians
  • Enquire is a free to use service for the communities of subscribing local authorities
  • A collaborative service offering minimal staff input with maximum information output
  • Local service option to deliver targeted virtual reference service to offer advice to otherwise hard to reach groups
  • Flexible staffing options depending on your local circumstances
  • Interaction through multiple channels, including Qwidget chat widget, email and text messaging making Enquire a highly accessible tool
  • Queue management tools for groups to continue streamline workflows
  • National platform on Bookmark Your Library website


  • Available 24/7 from multiple communication channels
  • Maintains your library as an authoritative information source
  • Demonstrates your library’s value to the public in a digital environment
  • Offers a reliable reference service with limited budgets and library staff.  Do more with less.  
  • You choose the pricing model that suites your staffing circumstances
  • Gives your local library a national platform on the Bookmark Your Library website
  • Stimulates collaboration and joint initiatives with other local authority departments
  • Users can access chat via mobile devices to improve the user experience
  • Seamless workflows to enable you to view, respond to and have audit and statistical information available for all customer interaction
  • Your local library remains a trusted resource for local council taxpaying citizens