Direct Request

Automated fulfillment you control

Direct Request lets a user place a request directly from an online citation. That request can then bypass staff review and directly enter the OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan system.

You control the databases from which users can make requests. You can customize the ILL request form that users see—including required fields and what data is allowed on the form. You can also add notes on the form to inform your users about your lending policies or advise them who to contact with questions. The form is completely customizable to fit your library's practices.

You set up Direct Request profiles that set the criteria that determine if requests are manually processed or automatically sent to an eligible lender, and whether requests can be made for items your library already owns.

You can select criteria such as types of requests to automatically process (loans/copies) or age of materials. Your selections ensure that only the type of requests you specify will be automatically processed. This improves turnaround time, backlogs shrink and your staff can focus on other priorities.

The Direct Request feature also supports processing of e-book requests. This option, based on data in the WorldCat knowledge base, lets you set up an "e-text" profile through which the service routes requests back to your library for material you own or for freely available materials such as open access books or journals.

Direct Request allows you to get rid of paper forms and put the system to work processing the routine requests for you.

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