WorldCat Selection at a glance

WorldCat Selection service helps save you time and money by streamlining your library's selection and ordering process for new materials, and delivering the corresponding WorldCat records.


  • Administrators can define criteria to distribute records to selectors based on data provided by vendors such as customer ID or collection area, and data included in the WorldCat record such as call numbers or keywords
  • Administrators can turn on an option to automatically remove duplicate records if the same title is received from multiple sources; define which record should be retained based on either a priority order by source (vendor) or date received
  • Selectors can define criteria to automatically exclude records based on keywords, fixed field elements and/or source (vendor)
  • Selectors can automatically reject items on demand if held by your library in WorldCat or if the record was sent to multiple selectors and was already selected by another
  • Acquisitions can export corresponding WorldCat record for newly selected materials
  • Your institution can share data with others in your group so that collection managers can see selection decisions of selectors from other institutions

Related services

Maintain holdings in WorldCat during the cataloging process using these and other OCLC cataloging and metadata services:


  • Streamline your materials selection by allowing selectors of new materials at your library to view notification records from multiple materials vendors in one central system and access vendor systems directly from WorldCat Selection if supported by your vendor
  • Save staff time by eliminating the need to rekey or import data from multiple sources since MARC records are exported from WorldCat and loaded into your integrated library system
  • Save costs by automating the selection process
  • Avoid unintentional duplication of material acquisition by enabling all the selectors at your library to see everyone’s selection decisions
  • No new software to load—access WorldCat Selection using a current-generation Web browser
  • Make materials available to patrons more quickly by moving from a paper-based to electronic workflow which decreases turnaround time from notification through selection, order, and receipt