VDX at a glance

OCLC's VDX is a document delivery and interlending management system that fully automates the requesting and supply of books and journal articles. It meets the needs of consortia that require greater local control of resource sharing among their members by offering tight integration with disparate local library systems.


  • End User Access—Single web interface for searching across multiple resources, and monitoring of requests.
  • Reduced Turnaround Times—a fully automated process identifies availability enabling over 90% of items to be supplied from the first supplier approached.
  • System supports organisational business model—Workflow and policies are based on local needs and requirements. VDX can automatically locate the best potential lenders based on availability and service preferences.
  • Interoperability—A very high level of compliance with standards enables seamless peer-to-peer requesting and brokered ILL.
  • Document Delivery and Copyright—Documents delivered physically or electronically directly to the desktop in accordance with copyright law.


  • Physical and electronic discovery and delivery for any format
  • Fully automates the entire ILL management process
  • Integration with local systems
  • Highly flexible and configurable solution with options
  • Supports both mediated and unmediated requests
  • Library and supplier directories for maintaining details of the services provided by document suppliers and libraries
  • Checks holdings and availability information
  • Manages US, UK and Australian copyright

Standards Implemented

  • Z39.50—search and retrieval of bibliographic information and document location
  • ISO ILL—for document requesting
  • SIP—Circulation system integration
  • GEDI—Electronic document delivery
  • OpenURL—Document requesting and full-text linking
  • LDAP/Kerberos/Shibboleth/Athens—user authentication


VDXHost offers VDX benefits on a hosted service basis. Currently available in Canada, this service makes it cost effective for libraries with lower transaction numbers to get the benefits of VDX.


Developed by the former Fretwell Downing Informatics organization (now part of OCLC), VDX software offers the reliability and speed that library groups need and expect to serve their users effectively.


  • VDX can be hosted locally within your institution or via our fully managed service
  • Full requirements are available upon request

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