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OCLC OpenURL Resolver Registry

Note: The OpenURL Resolver Registry is now part of the WorldCat Registry. Institutions inside and outside the OCLC cooperative should register their resolver information there.


OCLC is providing a service for individuals and information partners to maintain OpenURL resolver information in a single location and utilize this information across services in the information industry. OCLC will maintain this registry and provide partners with controlled access to this data to facilitate an improved linking experience for the user. OCLC is committed to delivering OCLC services and library collections at the point of need, meeting the user wherever he or she is searching for information.


The registry includes an OpenURL Resolver Registry for user input of resolver data and a gateway which can redirect OpenURLs to registered resolvers based on the requester’s IP address. The registry contains data from the OCLC FirstSearch administrative module and user contributions.

Users searching for information on a partner’s site, for example, a web search engine, will find an item and click a link to the gateway including an OpenURL to be taken directly to an OpenURL resolver maintained by their home library. The home library’s collection is then surfaced on the open web and the user finds the information he or she needs.

OCLC is actively pursuing partners. Please contact Don Hamparian at with comments and suggestions.

Future development will involve utilization of registry data within OCLC services and throughout the open Web as well as an expanded partner program allowing more granular access capabilities.