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ILS synchronization gateway

Libraries are looking for more cost-effective ways to update WorldCat. Member libraries want to keep WorldCat up-to-date and synchronized with the local catalog to enable Web visibility for their collections, provide users with accurate search results, and to improve use of OCLC services including WorldCat Resource Sharing, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Collection Analysis.

OCLC and member libraries are working together in a pilot project to evaluate software that will detect additions and changes made to bibliographic records in the local ILS and send the changes to update WorldCat automatically.

During the pilot, participants will use the software to maintain their records in WorldCat. The ILS synchronization software will scan the local ILS to detect new and changed bibliographic records. It will send the bibliographic data to WorldCat to add and delete holdings information, add original bibliographic records, and upgrade WorldCat master records with data from the local ILS. The software will ignore bibliographic records that should not be included in the updates to WorldCat. Pilot libraries will specify the frequency with which the software will update WorldCat.

OCLC will provide member updates as the pilot project progresses.