2014 OLITA Award for Technical Innovation in Libraries

Peter Ellinger, Manager, Portfolio Management Office, Information and Technology Services Division, Ontario Legislative Library, received the 2014 OLITA Award for Technological Innovation for his contributions to the Government & Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal (GALLOP/PPGPE). OCLC Canada sponsors this award for the Ontario Library Association, which recognizes the best example of technological innovation that benefits library users, library operations, library partnerships or leadership. The award was presented to Mr. Ellinger by Public Library Gala Awards on Thursday, January 30, 2014. The award was presented by May Yan, 2014 OLITA President and the ceremony took place at the InterContinental Toronto Centre during OLA’s Super Conference.

In January 2013, the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada (APLIC) announced the release of its bilingual government and legislative publications portal known as GALLOP (Government and Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal)/PPGPE (Portail des publications gouvernementales et parlementaires électroniques). Provincial and territorial legislative libraries from across Canada and the Federal Government’s Depository Services Program (DSP) collaborated to create GALLOP to provide one-stop access to more than 430,000 electronic provincial and federal government publications and legislative materials (born digital and digitized) dating back to 1995.


From left: Daniel Boivin, Executive Director, OCLC Canada, Pramila Thakur, GALLOP Portal Developer, Peter Ellinger, Library Technology Applications, Ontario Legislative Library, Vicki Whitmell, Executive Director, Information and Technology Services Division and Legislative Librarian Legislative Assembly of Ontario and Donna Burton, Director (retired), Legislative Library, Information and Technology Services Division


The interface, developed using open source software, allows users to search for documents by either keyword or full text and then link to the electronic copies of the materials hosted by the collecting library. Results can be cross-jurisdictional or limited by jurisdiction or date. The portal is a unique resource bringing together for the first time the significant government document repositories that have been built by individual legislative libraries and the DSP. Participating partners will continue to build this resource by adding documents regularly to GALLOP. There are currently more than 430,000 documents in the portal.

Mr. Ellinger’s personal contributions to the project’s success included the overall design and direction, development and implementation. Throughout implementation, Mr. Ellinger adapted the system to provide searchable full-text access without the need to store content on a central server. He also helped overcome significant obstacles in incorporating French and English subject headings. He continues to drive further improvements and refinements, and fosters collaboration between APLIC member libraries. He actively promotes the continuous addition of new content, and troubleshoots technical issues along the way.

Mr. Ellinger will give a presentation on this project at OCLC Canada's Symposium at the Canadian Library Association conference on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 (in Victoria, British Columbia).

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