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New Web service available for OCLC Policies Directory

The Interlibrary Loan Policies Directory Web service joins a growing list of now 17 Web services and APIs in production and available through the OCLC WorldShare Platform, with 10 more experimental services also available.

The new Web service is the machine-to-machine equivalent of the OCLC Policies Directory, a classic reference resource for Interlibrary loan (ILL) librarians that denotes lending and copying policies for more than 10,000 WorldCat Resource Sharing—soon to be WorldShare ILL--libraries. The Web service enables developers to use the data in the Policies Directory more efficiently, and build additional customizations to help local staff process requests more effectively.

Examples of how developers at specific institutions may want to use the Policies Directory Web service include creating library groupings in a local city, region or within specific consortia, or setting up different groups for types of materials libraries are willing to lend, or establishing groupings for libraries that don’t require a fee.

The current Web service is read-only at the moment, but it is planned to become a read/write service in the future. A subscription to WorldCat Resource Sharing is required to use the Web service in production.

More about the WorldShare Platform

The OCLC WorldShare Platform provides a comprehensive infrastructure for cooperative innovation, integration and management within the library domain. It exposes library data that the cooperative collects and organizes, along with the value-added services the cooperative has built using that data. It is neutral to encourage innovative uses of data—experimentation, extension, recontextualization—within the library community, with industry partners and in new spaces where library data can be reused.