CALIS joins OCLC Resource Sharing

CALIS, the China Academic Library and Information System, joined OCLC's global resource sharing network effective March 1, 2012. This extends the possibilities for international resource sharing of academic library materials.

The China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS) has loaded 500,000 monograph records into WorldCat that became accessible to WorldCat® Resource Sharing users on March 1, 2012.

CALIS will loan book chapters and articles, but not physical books. The monograph records all contain the OCLC® symbol "CALIS" and are owned by academic members of the CALIS consortium. The records are for monographs published from 1987 to 2001 in the fields of philosophy, economics, science of law, education, literature, history, management, science, technology, agriculture and medical sciences.

Borrowing libraries should anticipate longer response time for fulfillment to allow CALIS to process requests. Normally, CALIS will process and fill a document delivery
request for book chapters and articles within two to three business days.

To celebrate CALIS' participation in OCLC's global resource sharing network, the first 500 requests to CALIS and the first 500 requests from CALIS to other libraries will be filled at no charge. These requests must be coded "IFM" in the MAXCOST field.

Guidelines for requesting CALIS items

  • The CALIS monograph records in WorldCat all contain the OCLC symbol "CALIS" and are owned by academic members of the CALIS consortium.
  • All loan requests will go through CALIS, which will confirm ownership of requested items and coordinate fulfillment with the borrowing and lending libraries.
  • Borrowing libraries should anticipate a response time of two to three business days for most document delivery requests for book chapters and articles.
  • These documents can be conveniently delivered through OCLC's Article Exchange document-sharing site, which is accessible from within WorldCat Resource Sharing and an add-on to the ILLiad® Resource Sharing Management Software.