WorldCat Local Mobile enhanced, moves into production

The mobile-optimized WorldCat Local views are moving into a production release. The mobile-optimized views have previously been in “beta” version as OCLC gathered feedback, did research and collaborated with other institutions who have also implemented a mobile presence for their library.

New mobile-optimized WorldCat Local sites take the form of http://[institution] and include many additional features not available in the beta, most notably support for a very wide range of devices. Any smart phone or feature phone capable of running JavaScript or a Java-based Web browser such as Opera Mini or Bolt will be supported, worldwide.

"Our goal of supporting access to the broadest possible audience worldwide on a broad range of devices focused our efforts on a customizable mobile Web browser-based solution rather than a series of device specific apps," explains Jeff Penka, End-User Services portfolio director at OCLC. "This approach offers libraries, mobile users and third parties maximum flexibility for access and integration of the mobile discovery experience, and provides an excellent example of OCLC's platform-based strategy in practice."

Libraries who maintain a full WorldCat Local subscription have the option to customize their mobile presence. In addition, the production version includes more item information than before, with easier navigation to previous and next items within a results set. Users can see location, shelf status, call number, levels of availability and can place a hold, request the item or email citations for any content that does not require authentication.

A mobile presence possible for 20,000 libraries

The move into production creates a possible mobile presence for more than 20,000 libraries, as any library with WorldCat Local or visibility on can claim their unique URL and use it to support their mobile users. Alternatively, WorldCat Local subscribers can also embed the single search box into an existing mobile presence at their institution.

"We're pleased with how well the production site supports the mobile user experience," says Bob Robertson Boyd, product lead for the project. "Really, it's the result of more than two years' of research, learning and usability testing on four different products from OCLC."

There is no additional fee for the production mobile-optimized views of WorldCat Local. The enhancement represents an additional value of your OCLC membership and is a benefit of your investment in library cooperation.

Feedback is encouraged for the new production mobile-optimized WorldCat Local sites.

Mobile-optimized views of will remain in beta, at OCLC thanks partner Boopsie, Inc. for their help with the original WorldCat Mobile pilot app, and applauds all momentum that Boopsie has brought to libraries and mobile. The WorldCat Mobile pilot app will no longer available as of 30 Jun 2011. Any user who has downloaded the pilot app will be prompted to visit the beta site in their browser.

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