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Use your brand to your advantage

Gain visibility: Students already go to EasyBib and use it. But when you enable the additional functionality and features of Academic Edition, it becomes an even more valuable experience for your users. And it puts your library resources where they're already going.

Gain usage: Beta sites saw increased usage for EasyBib Academic Edition. Anywhere from 65-100% more. And when library resources such as virtual reference/chat boxes are available, students were more likely to take advantage of those, too.

Gain appreciation: EasyBib Academic Edition fills the gap between expert citation software packages and doing it "by hand." It's perfect for undergraduates who need intuitive, fast and simple citations.

How it works and why students will love it

Anyone who visits from a campus-IP range will automatically be re-directed to your customized site. Students will appreciate the Academic Edition over the free edition available on for several reasons, including:

  • Academic Edition removes the advertising and instead promotes the institution and the library
  • Students gain additional citation capabilities as well as the "Notebook" and "Evaluating Web sites" features
  • It offers discovery of library resources and reference services right when they need them—as they’re doing their research.

Plus there is no learning curve with the site. It also helps ensure students connect their citation and research activities with library resources (both printed and human). In addition, EasyBib Academic Edition may lessen the need for bibliographic instruction on citations and citation management systems.

  Free version Academic Edition
Citation management
Autocite functionality X X
Cite over 50 source types X X
Export to MS Word / RTF X X
Citation management tools X X
MLA style X X
APA style   X
Chicago style   X
Footnotes formatting   X
Parenthetical formatting   X
Third-party database import   X
Website evaluation   X
Notes and Outlining
Virtual notecards   X
Cornell note-taking system   X
Dynamic outlining   X
Premium benefits
Advertisement-free   X
IP authentication   X
Admin dashboard   X
Library benefits
A library branded interface   X
WorldCat search capabilities   X
Virtual reference integration   X
Unlimited library and catalog links   X
Library location information   X

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