EasyBib Academic Edition at a glance

EasyBib Academic Edition is a customized version of that gives your library visibility on the Web with your students. It incorporates your library's branding, includes additional citation styles, provides Web site evaluation tools and more. It builds on your current investment with WorldCat Local, WorldCat Local "quick start" or It uses the same search box and incorporates data elements such as library location information and links to your library's home page. Don't have one of those services? Don't worry—EasyBib Academic Edition is available to all.


  • Students are already going to EasyBib—now you can embed your library in this highly popular site
  • Your WorldCat Local, WorldCat Local "quick start" or a generic search box gives them instant access to ALL your content—and the content in the world's libraries
  • Built-in virtual reference makes librarians always available
  • No technical anything needed on your part
  • No learning curve for students
  • Lets you concentrate on teaching critical thinking skills for bibliographic instruction, rather than teaching the tool functionality
  • Gain the perception of a custom partnership with EasyBib—without any of the work


  • Prominent placement of your library's logo
  • User interface that matches your library's colors and branding
  • IP authentication automatically directs students from to your library's version
  • Information about your library's location and Web site
  • Search box for easy discovery of additional resources at your library and beyond
  • Integration with your library's virtual reference service
  • EasyBib widget that you can embed on your site
  • No advertising
  • Service can typically be set up within 24-48 hours

“My interest in EasyBib stems from my users' interest in it: I've been getting feedback from students that the amount of time and effort required to learn and use some other citation tools is greater than students need, or want, to invest. They find EasyBib to be easier to use.”

Cheryl LaGuardia, Harvard research librarian (from Library Journal's E-Views blog)