Dewey Training Courses

We have developed an online set of training materials for the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) focused on the needs of experienced librarians needing Dewey application training. (We hope the materials will also be useful as supplementary materials in other Dewey training contexts, e.g., teaching Dewey to LIS students.) The materials include modules on general principles governing the operation of the DDC, as well as modules on the structure and use of specific tables and main classes.

All course materials are available on the Dewey web site at no charge. The presentations and exercises assume the availability of the latest version of the DDC database (i.e., WebDewey), and a professor, trainer, and/or experienced Dewey user for offering explanations and fielding questions. Other interested parties may have access to course materials, but may need to consult an expert directly for background information and additional assistance. Note that WebDewey access is provided without cost as part of OCLC's Library and Information Science Education Program. Others currently without access to WebDewey can sign up for access on a 30-day trial basis.

The table below contains links to the descriptions of each module on the Dewey blog. We welcome comments directly on the blog entry for each module. If you prefer to send us comments privately, please send them to with the subject line of the module and we will summarize them on the Dewey blog.

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