Update the contact information for your institution’s voting representative

Member institutions have one vote per qualifying member institution. Each vote will be cast by an official voting representative. Each member institution receives one vote to elect Regional Council officers and Executive Committee; to elect Global Council Delegates; and to vote on Council resolutions.

In order to ensure that voting information reaches the appropriate person, please update the contact details for your library's designated voting representative, who will be entitled to vote on behalf of your library. It is important to update your voting representative's contact information because electronic voting will begin in early 2011. Results will be announced in April 2011.

Please submit the contact information of the designated individual who will vote on behalf of your institution.

On behalf of the Regional Councils, we would like to remind you that although only one representative per member library can vote, all professional employees and individuals who serve on the governing boards of member libraries are encouraged to participate in the Regional Councils! Attend member meetings, run for a Regional Council office or nominate colleagues, participate in interest groups and member meetings—these are just a few ways to exercise your voice.