Cooperative Purchasing

Electronic resources available to Canadian libraries at a considerable discount

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Lowest negotiated Canadian group pricing possible for each product

We understand how important it is for you to provide your patrons with the information they're looking for in an easy, affordable and timely fashion. That's why we work with vendors both large and small around the world to negotiate exceptional pricing on your behalf.

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Central billing for your eResources through OCLC in Canada

We're pleased to offer high-quality and comprehensive resources that any library would find valuable - and you don't have to be an OCLC member to reap the benefits of our Cooperative Purchasing program.

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Consortia Canada partners with OCLC in Canada for Electronic Resources

Through this partnership, Consortia Canada members now have access to the high-quality, comprehensive electronic resources available through the Cooperative Purchasing program including such notable databases as Oxford Grove Art and Grove Music, and many more.

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