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Featured Collections

The Art Collection - Cleveland Public Library

The Art Collection

Cleveland Public Library

The Cleveland Public Library has a diverse collection of art works on display and in storage. There are New Deal murals, WPA prints, works by Cleveland artists, portraits, sculptures and story tiles. The Biehle family collection includes posters designed by August Biehle, Jr., as well as posters for the Kokoon Arts club ball. The folk arts collection reflects the cultural heritage of Cleveland’s many ethnic communities.

Murals of Northern Ireland - Claremont Colleges Digital Library

Murals of Northern Ireland

Claremont Colleges Digital Library

This collection forms an archive of murals from Northern Ireland—Nationalist, Republican, Unionist, Loyalist and nonaligned—painted during the Troubles and the post-conflict period (1979–2014).  The images are records that include the representation of history, the expression of political standpoints, the articulation of community concerns, formations of memory and modes of ideological address. The murals range from overtly political declarations, brutal depictions of the conflict, comments on peace and the peace process, or humor and irony.

Aboriginal Artifacts - University of Saskatchewan

Aboriginal Artifacts   

University of Saskatchewan

The University began acquiring artifacts relating to the history of the province even before it had enrolled its first student. Many of the donated items document the culture and technologies of the Indigenous Peoples.

These collections have grown significantly over the past century, and the materials specifically relating to ancient, pre-contact and past human societies now form a noncirculating teaching and research collection within the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology. Although the collection is international in scope, the items within the database here are limited to a geographic area from the Arctic to Mexico.

The Jay T. Last collection of Graphic Arts and Social History - Huntington Library

The Jay T. Last collection of Graphic Arts and Social History

Huntington Library

Jay Last launched his passion for collecting printed paper while pioneering the American high-tech industry on the US west coast. Considered one of the founders of Silicon Valley, Last made a business move in the early 1970s from northern California to the orange-growing south where citrus box labels at local flea markets sparked his interest in color lithography, printing history and ephemera. These labels displayed some of the most spectacular graphics he had ever seen and would form the seminal archive of his entire collection.

The Jay T. Last Collection of Graphic Arts and Social History is an unparalleled archive of more than 185,000 printed paper artifacts of mostly 19th and early 20th-century American origin, representing works by more than 500 lithographic companies. The Huntington Library has, in addition to the Jay T. Last Collection, holdings of more than 650,000 prints, posters, ephemera, color plate books and extra-illustrated books. For a selection of this vast collection’s holdings, please see the Prints and Ephemera Collection in the Huntington Digital Library.

Past featured collections

The Lawson Collection – Rev William “Bill“ and Audrey Lawson Correspondence 1952–1954 Vol 1

The Lawson Collection - Rev William "Bill" and Audrey Lawson Corresopndence 1952-1954 Vol 1

Houston Public Library

These three volumes tell the story of a courtship that began between two people who had never seen each other, and lasted for 56 years. Most people know this couple as Rev. William (Bill) and Mrs. Audrey Hoffman Lawson. Audrey wrote to William on a dare in the women's dormitory at Tennessee State University. He had graduated from Tennessee State, and she transferred there from Stowe Teachers’ College in St. Louis after he had left. Bill wrote back to this unknown TSU student, and they started a correspondence that soon became a daily event.

USARI Legacy – Soviet Posters

USARI Legacy - Soviet Posters

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

The mission of the US Army Russian Institute (USARI) was to provide graduate-level Russian language and area training pertinent to staff and military attaché duties in support of the Department of the Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO) program. Students studied everything they could about the Russian language, ideology and political structure, as well as history, literature and sociological characteristics of the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, developing a network of experts on Soviet military and political thought. Faculty consisted of former Soviet citizens who were born, raised and educated in Russia. The first were recruited after World War II, and this collection spotlights remnants of the many colorful Soviet revolutionary posters that were hung throughout the school.

Collin County History Timeline

Collin County History Timeline   

Plano Public Library

The library used the Collin County Timeline as a way to showcase a portion of its CONTENTdm image collection, giving a chronological narrative to the images and directing traffic back into those image collections. The timeline was created using JS Timeline, an open source tool, created by Northwestern University Knight Lab.

Early Washington Maps

Early Washington Maps

Washington State University Libraries

This collection includes more than 1,250 historic maps presented as high-resolution “zoomable” jpeg2000 files. They were created in collaboration with WSU Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections and the University of Washington Libraries.

Photo credit: University of Washington Libraries Manuscripts, Special Collections and University Archives Division.

Images of The Great Salem Fire, June 25, 1914

Images of the Great Salem Fire, June 25, 1914

Peabody Essex Museum

This collection, created to honor the centennial of The Great Salem Fire of 1914, displays 150 images that depict the burned district in Salem before the fire; the conflagration and how it spread; fire-fighting efforts and images of the Salem Fire Department and its equipment; the ruins and destruction caused by the fire; the plight of the homeless and relief efforts to assist them; and the reconstruction and redevelopment of the city. Improvements in technology provided opportunities to extract details from images that were not readily seen at the time the images were created; the collection includes several of these detailed images. 

Photograph: Phillips Library of the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA.

Requests for permission to publish this image or any others from the Salem Fire Collection must be submitted in writing to the Reference Librarian in the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts.

University Archives Historic Photographs

University Archives Historic Photographs

University of Massachusetts Boston

The Massachusetts legislature established the University of Massachusetts Boston in 1964. The second university in the UMass system, UMass Boston opened its doors in 1965 at a renovated building in Park Square in downtown Boston. The university moved to its present campus on Columbia Point in Dorchester in 1974.

Photographs in this collection help to document the history of the University of Massachusetts Boston. Included in this growing collection are photographs from the Boston Normal School, one of the antecedent institutions to UMass Boston. The Boston Normal School was designed to train women teachers for the Boston Public Schools and became a separate entity when it moved from Girls’ High to the top floors of the Rice School in 1876.

Photograph courtesy of the University Archives & Special Collections Department, Joseph P. Healey Library, University of Massachusetts Boston: University Archives Historic Photographs

Claude and ZerNona Black Papers

Claude and ZerNona Black Papers    

Trinity University

The Claude and ZerNona Black Papers were acquired by the Coates Library in October 2011. The collection documents the civil rights, civic activism and Baptist ministry of Reverend Claude William Black, Jr. and his wife, ZerNona Stewart Black, in San Antonio, Texas. The documents span the years from the early 1900s through 2009, and include handwritten and typed manuscripts and recordings related to sermons, memorial services, and explorations of religious doctrine and community service;  daily agendas, scrapbooks, photographs, event brochures and political ephemera; newspaper clippings about city council and participation in city events; and correspondence with local and national figures of social and political importance, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., A. Philip Randolph and U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Clearwater Public Library System Online Archive – Clearwater Historical Society Photograph Collection

Clearwater Public Library System Online Archive – Clearwater Historical Society Photograph Collection

Pinellas Public Library System – Pinellas Memory

A portion of the Clearwater Historical Society's extensive photograph archive has been scanned, cataloged and made available on Pinellas Memory. For more information about this collection, please direct inquiries to the Clearwater Historical Society.

Greetings From… Des Plaines Memory Collection

Posters and Prints Collection

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

The Mission of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library is to acquire and maintain an accessible collection of materials and to develop appropriate programs focusing on the Citizen Soldier in the preservation of democracy. The Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s digital Posters and Prints Collection contains over a thousand posters, prints and original artwork dating from the late 17th century to the present. The bulk of the collection consists of propaganda posters from World War I and World War II, including works from Howard Chandler Christy, James Montgomery Flagg and Norman Rockwell. The collection contains works from more than a dozen countries in at least eight languages.

Los Angeles Examiner Collection, 1920–1961

Alexandria Bombardment of 1882 Photograph Album

The American University in Cairo

The Alexandria Bombardment of 1882 Photograph Album digital collection was originally compiled by Italian photographer Luigi Fiorillo. This unique resource documents the British naval attack on 'Urabi Pasha's nationalists, who revolted against Taufik Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, from 1879 to 1882. Fiorillo’s 50-page album records damage to Alexandria's neighborhoods, particularly the harbor and the fortress district. The images trace the development of this episode from the arrival of the British fleet to the destruction of the emerging downtown district.

Ohio Postcard Collection

Ohio Postcard Collection

Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Ohio Postcard Collection contains over 9,000 early 20th century postcards of Ohio cities and towns from Aberdeen to Zoar. The collection was originally acquired in the 1970s through funds from the John M. Lewis estate.

Watercolors and Drawings of Allan Rohan Crite

Watercolors and Drawings of Allan Rohan Crite

Boston Athenaeum

Born in New Jersey, but raised and educated in Boston, Allan Rohan Crite (1910–2007) spent his life observing and chronicling the city’s South End and Roxbury neighborhoods. He was drawn to art at an early age, studying first at the Children’s Art Center with Charles Woodbury and later at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School (1929 to 1936) with Philip Hale and others. Crite became one of the most prolific artists of his generation, creating a vast body of work in a variety of media, from oil paintings and watercolors, to lithographs and drawings.

Greetings From... Des Plaines Memory Collection

Des Plaines Public Library

This large collection of modern and vintage postcards includes scenes of Des Plaines, Illinois, holiday postcards, novelty postcards, tourist attractions and more. The collection brings together a wide range of materials related to local Des Plaines history and culture. The bulk of the photographs, postcards, letters and other items have been selected from the archives of the Des Plaines History Center. 


Heart of the Soldier

Palo Alto City Library

This is a collection of photographs and writings created by local veterans. As a recipient of a 2014 CA Reads grant from Cal Humanities on the theme of War Comes Home, the library was able to present a creative writing series and a photography series for Palo Alto veterans.


General Photographic Archives - The Tyrrell Historical Library Digital Collections

City of Beaumont

This collection consists of 3,677 photographs that pertain to the history of the greater Beaumont area. The images can be categorized into many themes such as: street scenes, aerial views, agriculture, churches, schools, libraries, restaurants, hotels, banks, businesses, commerce and industry, city service functions, theaters and entertainment, private homes, and commercial and public buildings, as well as personal and family portraits. The collection represents a wide range of topical information that spans a time period of roughly 150 years. 


The Friesner Herbarium Digital Collection

PALNI - Butler University

This digital collection was developed by the Friesner Herbarium and Butler University Libraries, with digital images created by Indiana University Purdue University–Indianapolis University Library. The Friesner Herbarium Digital Collection currently contains more than 19,500 images of plant specimens, collected throughout Indiana, from the Butler University Friesner Herbarium. This collection includes fern, orchid and sunflower specimens along with plants in the bean, buttercup, figwort, mint, mustard, rose, lily, pink, carrot and forget-me-not families, plus non-Carex sedge members of the sedge family. At this point, more than 1,100 species are covered in this collection.


World War I and II Posters

Berea College

Addressing themes such as military recruitment and enlistment, fundraising, communications, and the social, economic, and industrial aspects of the wars, these posters illustrate the power of images and words. Many of the posters include artwork by anonymous creators, but several well-known artists, illustrators, and graphic artists are also represented.


Goucher College Printed Music Collection

Goucher College

This collection contains sheet music from before the Civil War up through the 1970s. Chrystelle Trump Bond, a professor of dance at Goucher College, donated the majority of the materials after a lifetime of collecting. The late 19th and early 20th centuries are well represented, and most of the music is dance-related with parts for piano and voice.


Robert F. Stroud Collection

Missouri State University

Robert F. Stroud spent most of his life incarcerated in federal prisons. Famous as the "Birdman of Alcatraz", he wrote several articles and books on birds and treatment of bird diseases, many of which were published. He also wrote the manuscript in this collection: Looking Outward: An Historical and Analytical Story of the Federal Prison System from the Inside.  


Seedbed Mathematics Teaching Journal

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

From 1979 through 1993, the School of Education at SIUE published Seedbed, an innovative grassroots journal intended to facilitate the sharing of ideas regarding the teaching of mathematics among a network of schoolteachers. Dr. Thomas Clement O'Brien served as the guiding force and editor for Seedbed throughout its lifespan. This collection contains all 42 published issues of the journal.  


Texas Spring Palace

Fort Worth Public Library

The Texas Spring Palace opened in May 1889 as a regional immigration and agricultural fair. It was intended to advertise Texas by displaying all the products of the state under one roof. A second season was scheduled for May 1890, but the building was destroyed by a fire during a dance with several thousand people in attendance. One person, Al Hayne, died in the fire when he returned to the burning building to rescue others.  


Kansas Basketball and the 1936 Olympics

Wichita State University Libraries

This image collection celebrates the historic connections of basketball in Kansas to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This was the first time basketball was played as an Olympic sport. The U.S. team won the gold medal, and Kansas and Wichita State University were well represented. The images in this collection are mainly from the Wichita State University student yearbook and two local newspapers.


Girl Scout Council of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

Minnesota Digital Library

The Girl Scout Council of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys serves girls in 44 Minnesota counties, as well as four counties in Wisconsin and one in Iowa. This collection shares their history through very early photographs, programs and music, as well as original correspondence from Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts USA.


Thomas Moore Music Project

Queen's University Belfast

Thomas Moore (1779-1852) was one of the most prolific and versatile authors of the Romantic era. A study of the original series of his Irish Melodies with Symphonies and Accompaniments was undertaken by Dr. Sarah McCleave (School of Creative Arts) in 2013, focusing on Moore's working method (he was a tireless reviser and improver of his own work) and its effect on the publishing process. This collection illustrates Dr. McCleave's research.  


Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Over the past three decades, New Orleans entrepreneur and art collector Roger Houston Ogden has assembled one of the finest collections of southern visual art. The collection includes almost 500 paintings and drawings, both abstract and figurative.


Seattle Historical Photograph Collection

Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Historical Photograph Collection contains more than 1,500 images that illuminate the early history of Seattle. These images were taken by the pioneering photographers of their time and depict Seattle scenes and people from before, during and after Seattle's Great Fire in 1889.


Drawings, Paintings & Sculpture from the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's collection contains over 3,000 works of art. Foremost among those items are over 1,000 works by O'Keeffe herself, comprising the largest repository of her work available to the public in a single institution. Other artists represented in the collection include Arthur Dove, John Marin, Marsden Hartley, and Edward Hopper.  


University of Scranton Football

University of Scranton

From 1892 through 1960, the University of Scranton (and its predecessor, St. Thomas College) proudly housed a varsity football team, called alternately the Tommies or the Royals. This collection features over 1,000 photographs from the history of University of Scranton football, as well as a set of digitized game programs.


Sykes Editorial Cartoon Collection

Virginia Commonwealth University

Charles Henry "Bill" Sykes (1882-1942) was a well-respected editorial cartoonist whose work appeared in numerous periodicals. The cartoons in this collection illustrate the events of the late 1930s and early 1940s, with a focus on American reaction to the aggressions of the Axis powers before the U.S. entry into World War II.


North Park University Historical Photograph Collection

North Park University

This collection presents thousands of photographs from the history of North Park University. North Park University is located on the north side of Chicago and was founded by the Evangelical Covenant Church in 1891.


Michiana Postcards

St. Joseph County Public Library

Michiana Postcards is a collection of vintage photographic and colorized postcards which depict the many iterations of the parks, streets, and buildings of the Michiana area of northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.


Millennium Park

Chicago Public Library

The Millennium Park collection includes more than five thousand images documenting the transformation of a downtown Chicago rail yard into a world-renowned urban park.


Freshwater and Marine Image Bank

University of Washington

The Freshwater and Marine Image Bank is a collection of images related to freshwater and marine topics, in all their diversity. It includes images of fish, shellfish, and marine mammals, pictures of fish hatcheries and dams and vessels, materials related to polar exploration, regional and traditional fisheries, and limnological (freshwater) subjects. Its scope is global.


Iowa City Foreign Relations Council Presentations

University of Iowa

The Iowa City Foreign Relations Council is a non-profit association interested in learning more about U.S. foreign policy, world affairs, and current global issues impacting society. The Council provides opportunities to hear dozens of experts each year. The presentations in this collection were all held in Iowa City, and many were broadcast on Iowa public radio stations and Iowa City Cable TV.


First 125 Years of the Medical College of Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth University

The Medical College of Virginia marked the 125th anniversary of its founding with a year-long celebration in 1963, culminating in the publication of The First 125 Years, the college's first full-length history. The VCU Libraries is pleased to offer this electronic version of this important historical work.


North American New Music Festival Archive Photos

University at Buffalo

The North American New Music Festival featured a wide range of modern musical styles composed and performed both by emerging creative musicians and by established composers of national and international reputation. The Festivals were held in the years between 1983 and 1996, with events occurring in more than a dozen locations in the Buffalo area, including concert halls, art galleries, churches, theaters, and cabarets.


Civilian Conservation Corps: The New Deal's Depression-era Ecological Movement

Broward County Library

Drawn from the Bienes Museum's Civilian Conservation Corps collection, this online exhibit includes images of a variety of artifacts such as books, pamphlets, photo albums, newsletters, menus, postcards, and insignia.


Memoria Digital de Canarias

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Memoria Digital de Canarias (in English, Canary Islands Digital Memory) is a documentary heritage portal that provides access to all types of material on the Canary Islands, always showing the complete documents free of charge.


Peter Britt Photographs

Southern Oregon University

This selection of photographs by the famous Jacksonville photographer and his son, Emil, includes portraits and landscapes as well as depictions of the social, cultural, and economic life of southern Oregon between 1880 and 1930.


Western Writers Series Digital Editions

Boise State University

This collection presents 23 out-of-print booklets of biography and critical interpretation from Boise State University's Western Writers Series.


Georgia O'Keeffe Museum: Photography

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

This collection contains photographs from both the Museum's Fine Art collection and the archives collections. The bulk of the online collection includes photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe from childhood to old age, her New Mexico properties, her friends and pets, as well as the areas and sites that were inspirations for her work.


Frisk Collection of Alaska Mission Journals

North Park University

This collection presents English- and Swedish-language diaries and logbooks kept by Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) missionaries in Alaska during the period 1893 to 1915, along with several English translations of the Swedish originals. The ECC's mission work began in Alaska in 1889 through Axel E. Karlson, whose diaries can be found as part of this collection.


Berlin Airlift, Whitaker Collection

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Photographs from an album presented to Col. Reginald Whitaker, engineer of the Berlin Military Post during the Berlin Airlift, titled Runway and Taxiway Construction, Tempelhof and Tegel Airfields.


Len Jordan Collection

Boise State University

Leonard Beck Jordan served as Governor of Idaho from 1951 to 1955 and United States Senator from 1962 to 1973. This collection features photographs documenting highlights of his political career.


Civil War

University of Central Florida

This collection hosts materials owned by the University of Central Florida and made available to the Civil War in the American South project. In recognition of the sesquicentennial of the start of the American Civil War, Civil War in the American South provides a central portal to access digital collections from the Civil War Era (1850–1865) held by members of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries.


Mount St. Helens Post-Eruption Chemistry

University of Washington Libraries

The Mount St. Helens Post-Eruption Chemistry collection provides a look at both the human and scientific sides of studying the eruption of a volcano. The slides were taken by Professor William Zoller during research trips with his team to study the chemistry and impacts of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. His group was the first allowed in after the initial eruption.


Bank Street Publications

Bank Street College of Education

The Bank Street Publications collection contains older materials from the Bank Street College of Education, including issues of 69 Bank Street, an early Bureau of Educational Experiments publication, beginning in October 1934. Individual essays and articles by faculty and staff are also included.


Schuman Musical Instruments

Southern Oregon University Library

Images of 100 wind, string, and percussion instruments, from the much larger Schuman Collection of Musical Instruments, represent musical traditions of the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


SongWorks for Children

Oberlin College

This collection consists of approximately 700 short videos of children being themselves as they make music in Oberlin's MusicPlay classes. You will see children immersed in singing games, nursery rhymes, masterworks, pop songs, and score reading. You will see teachers and parents being playful and interacting with children and music in ways that capture imaginations, focus attentions, stimulate senses, and elicit responsiveness.


Picture South Perth

City of South Perth

The Picture South Perth Photograph Collection showcases the people, places, and events that shaped the City of South Perth, Australia, from the 1870s to the 1950s. The Picture South Perth site also features a collection of humorous and whimsical postcards by cartoonists and caricaturists May Gibbs and her father Herbert Gibbs.


Kingston University Archives

Kingston University London

Kingston University Archives and Special Collections holds a rich and diverse range of collections to support the teaching and research activities of Kingston University, and to enable research and learning by researchers external to the University. This site showcases some of the many images from these collections, including photographs from the history of Kingston University and its predecessor bodies.


Images of the Great Salem Fire

Peabody Essex Museum

Created for the centennial of the Great Salem Fire of 1914, this collection displays 150 images that depict the city before the fire, the conflagration and how it spread, the Salem Fire Department and its equipment, firefighting efforts, the destruction caused by the fire, the plight of the homeless and relief efforts to assist them, and the reconstruction and redevelopment of the city.


Colket Illustrated Sheet Music

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - Lovejoy Library

This digital collection consists of 96 pieces of historic, illustrated sheet music from Lovejoy Library's Gordon Colket Music Collection. Gordon Wright Colket was a dealer in illustrative materials who assembled the collection over a period of six or seven years. Most of the pieces are by 19th century American composers and include detailed cover lithographs. The collection is rich in Civil War vintage pieces. Selected titles are presented with digital audio files of piano performances.


Goucher College Early History and Ephemera

Goucher College Digital Library

The Early History and Ephemera Collection contains information pertaining to the founding of The Woman's College of Baltimore (name changed in 1910 to Goucher College) as well as many late 19th century and early 20th century documents. The majority of documents are from The Methodist Episcopal Church's Women's Educational Association Baltimore Conference of Women, held in 1884, and subsequent fundraising efforts for the founding of the college.


Honnold Library Record

Claremont Colleges Digital Library

The Honnold Library Record was the publication of the Honnold Library Society. With its content focused on the special and unique collections at the Libraries, the Honnold Library Record sets a high standard for library publications in Claremont. Distinguished members of the Society, scholar-librarians, and other esteemed writers contributed pieces to the Record, published from 1958 until 1975.


Public Enemies - Tinseltown Comes to Oshkosh

Oshkosh Public Library

In April 2008, downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was transformed into a movie set for the Johnny Depp film, Public Enemies. In this collection are the photographs taken and submitted by the residents of Oshkosh who experienced Tinseltown in their hometown.


Frank J. Davis World War II Photographs

Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries

Frank J. Davis' frontline photographs and images portray life during World War II, including images from Washington DC, Italy, France, and Saipan. The collection also includes Davis' short autobiography.


Medical Bulletin of the U.S. Army Far East

U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences, Stimson Library

A collection of articles scanned from the Medical Bulletin of the U.S. Army Far East, originally published from 1952 to 1954.


English's Opera House

The Indianapolis Public Library

From 1880 to 1948, English's Opera House presented not only opera but also drama, musical comedy, ballet, concerts, minstrel shows, lectures, vaudeville and film. The collection includes programs and advertisements for a wide variety of events.


Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection

University of Washington Libraries

This collection showcases a large selection of vintage and modern decorated and decorative papers. Explanatory essays and a bibliography are also included.


Zaner-Bloser Penmanship Collection

University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library

The Zaner-Bloser Company was founded in 1888 as the Zanerian School of Penmanship. Penmen often worked in business, preparing ledgers, writing correspondence, and creating documents. Zaner-Bloser also taught students to become teachers of penmanship, illustrators, engravers, and engrossers.


Edward H. Peeples Prince Edward County (Va.) Public Schools Collection

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

From 1959 to 1964, Prince Edward County, Virginia, chose to close its public schools rather than integrate them. Through photographs, documents, and maps, this collection explores the history of Prince Edward County segregation in the 1950s and 1960s.


Fondo Alfonso de Sierra Ochoa

Instituto Cervantes

This collection was donated by the architect and urbanist Alfonso de Sierra Ochoa and concerns the development of housing in Tetouan, Morocco, from the 1920s to the early 1960s. The materials include plans, unpublished books, reports, inventories, and other records.


Albert Henry Barnes Photographs

University of Washington Libraries

Both a photographer and a painter, Albert Henry Barnes (1876-1920) photographed the people, the cities and the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. This collection gives a representative sample of his work.


Shannon County Film Collection

Missouri State University Libraries

This digital collection consists of links to over 100 digitized camera rolls. Each roll is seven to ten minutes long and consists of the original outtakes from the PBS documentaries Shannon County: Home and Shannon County: Hearts of the Children. Topics include politics, education, lost skills, timberwork, hunting, religion, isolation, journalism, law, health, the significance of place, and the role and importance of kinship.


Home Economics and Nutrition Pamphlets

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, University Libraries

The Home Economics and Nutrition Pamphlets Collection consists of government and commercial publications on the subjects of home management and nutrition, and includes educational materials, recipes, household hints, and other materials.


Albert Einstein

Institute for Advanced Study Libraries and Archives

Images of and related to Albert Einstein, Institute for Advanced Study Faculty member from 1933 until his death in 1955.


19th Century Actors and Theater Photographs

University of Washington Libraries

The 19th Century Actors and Theater Photographs collection consists of over 600 photographs, including cartes-de-visite and cabinet card studio portraits of entertainers, actors, and actresses who performed on the American stage in the mid to late 1800s.


Iowa Women's Archives Founders

University of Iowa Libraries

This collection includes photographs and scrapbooks featuring news clippings, newsletters, and correspondence formerly owned by Iowa natives Louise Noun and Mary Louise Smith. Noun was a social activist, art collector, and author of several books on women's history. Smith was a political activist who fought for equal rights and became the first female chair of the Republican National Committee. Together, they founded the Louise Noun - Mary Louise Smith Iowa Women's Archives, which opened in 1992 at The University of Iowa Libraries.


North Dakota Voices from the Past

North Dakota State University Institute for Regional Studies

The North Dakota State University Institute for Regional Studies, part of NDSU Libraries, offers this sampling of oral histories found in various collections donated to the Institute. Also included are music recordings that have a North Dakota connection. The common theme is voices of North Dakotans talking about events in their lives and the state's past. For most of the voices available here, a printed transcript is also present; for music items, the original sheet music is included.


Mary Ellen Ewing vs the Houston School Board

University of Houston Libraries

This collection contains the pages of several scrapbooks that document the social and political activities of Mary Ellen Ewing during the early 20th century. Newspaper clippings and correspondence detail Mrs. Ewing’s many endeavors on behalf of education reform, the women’s suffrage movement, child welfare programs, and improving labor conditions. The collection’s 163 items span the years 1900-1917, with the bulk of the material coming from the year 1913.


Pear Packing: A Season of Women's Work

Southern Oregon University Library

Pear Packing: A Season of Women's Work, from the Susan J. Reid Collection at the Southern Oregon University Library, consists of historic photographs of pear packing in Southern Oregon, and poems Reid authored about area women who provided labor for seasonal pear packing. The Susan J. Reid Collection was assembled by Reid to accompany her 1988 SOU graduate thesis.


Seattle Neighborhood History Project

Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library's Seattle Neighborhood History Project provides a starting point for accessing historical information about Seattle neighborhoods from the Library's special collections and elsewhere. Many of the sources available on Seattle neighborhood history can be found by navigating to the individual neighborhood pages on this site. A few of the resources in this collection include: digitized photographs, maps, menus, oral histories and publications related to Seattle neighborhoods from the Seattle Public Library's Special Collections; a list of general sources particularly useful for neighborhood history research; the online encyclopedia; historical newspapers; and the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project.


Black Student Union Periodical Collection

University at Buffalo

The Black Student Union at the University at Buffalo was founded in 1967. Twelve periodical publications have been issued by the BSU and are the primary record of the activities and history of the organization. Most of the material was issued on newsprint and is now extremely fragile as a result of heavy use.


Western History Subject Index

Denver Public Library

One of the unique treasures of the Denver Public Library Special Collections Department is the Western History Subject Index card file, which contains more than seven million entries on four million cards. Developed over the last century, it provides access to newspapers, local histories, biographical works, newsletters and journals. The Western History Subject Index includes an every-name index of The Rocky Mountain News from 1865-85 (a WPA project) and a partial index to other Denver newspapers from the late 1800s to the early 1990s.


Dam Construction in the Pacific Northwest

University of Idaho Library

Donated to the library by the University of Idaho College of Engineering, the Dam Construction in the Pacific Northwest collection contains over 450 photographs and promotional materials depicting the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam, which has stood for over 70 years as both the largest power plant and the largest concrete structure in the United States.


Fore-edge Paintings

Grand Valley State University

A fore-edge painting is a miniature watercolor executed on the fanned edge of a book. When the book is closed, the art disappears, hidden by the edge gilding. This genre of painting, which dates from the 1500s, flourished in the 1800s and is still practiced today. This collection includes landscapes, scenes, and characters from literature, as well as portraits of authors.


School of Art and Art History Graduate Archive

University of Iowa Libraries

For more than 75 years, the School of Art and Art History at The University of Iowa has collected artworks by artists attending the School's graduate studio programs. Each graduate student was asked to leave behind a work they completed during their graduate studies; the resulting School of Art and Art History Graduate Archive contains thousands of paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and other art objects. The Archive is unique in the country and provides a critical overview of developments in American art over much of the last century.


"Fruit-Full" Arkansas: Apples

University of Arkansas Libraries and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

"Fruit-full" Arkansas: Apples is a collaborative exhibit of the University of Arkansas Libraries Special Collections and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The university selections include historical and current brochures, documents, and photographs of apples, and class reports from the mid-1900s on Arkansas apple folkways and folklore. The Crystal Bridges Museum images show color plates of apples from historical (1851-1922) nursery catalogs in its collection.


A Fruitful Heritage

Missouri State University

The Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station was established by the Missouri legislature in 1899. In the course of their advisement and research, the Station directors and staff documented their work on glass photographic plates, now digitized here. This collection displays the unique heritage of Ozark pomology and consists of a wide range of subjects, locations and practices from the first half of the 20th century.


Louis H. Sullivan Ornaments

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

This digital exhibit features selected Sullivan ornaments representing thirty-one buildings. They are accompanied by historic photographs showing the ornaments as they originally appeared in the buildings Louis Sullivan designed. The featured ornaments are of various materials including terracotta, limestone, glass, and bronze. A wide range of types of architectural elements are represented, including pediments, lunettes, columns, and even an elevator.


American Almanacs

Ball State University Libraries

The American Almanacs collection includes representative samples of almanacs published in the United States, primarily during the 18th century. The almanacs feature calendars, tide charts, lunar and solar observations, accounts of weather patterns, indexes of political activities and government offices, illustrations, and various regional, national, and international statistics.


Moving Image Collection

University of Washington Libraries

The Moving Image Collection consists of clips from home movies, industrial films, documentaries, news footage, and art films dating from 1915 to the 21st Century. It showcases a range of subjects from an oil well fire in Saudi Arabia in the 1930s to riding on the monorail during the Seattle World's Fair.