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Drive your collection decisions through cooperative intelligence.

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Make well-informed collection management decisions

Access information about your current collections and evaluate against other individual libraries and library groups with Collection Evaluation. This helps your staff make well-informed collection management decisions based on comparisons to authoritative lists and the tens of thousands of libraries that have contributed data to WorldCat. Rather than simply returning comparison data, this service is tailored to specific workflows and collection management activities.

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Simplify acquisition, deselection and accreditation processes

Use data and comparisons provided by Collection Evaluation to:

  • quickly identify resources that appear on authoritative/pre-defined lists that are not held by your library,
  • efficiently weed your collection while minimizing impact to users, and
  • learn how your collection supports an accreditation curriculum and compare it to libraries with similar programs.

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Harness the power of cooperative data

Collection Evaluation uses the cooperative data in WorldCat® to provide quick, efficient access to information about local library collections, including comparisons to other individual, peer group and benchmark library groups.

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