Current Subscribers

If you already have a full Cataloging Subscription, use the steps below to request Batchload services.

Before you order Batchload

Use one of the following pre-order checklists, depending on which type of records you want to batchload. The checklist mimics the order form and allows you to gather the information you need to complete your order:

When you are ready to order Batchload

  1. Go to the Online Service Center (OSC).
  2. Log on or set up an account.
  3. Navigate to the Bibliographic Batchload order form.

See the Batchload solutions for bibliographic records quick reference guide for additional details on project types and how to order them.

Request more information

If you do not have a full cataloging subscription and are interested in learning more about becoming a subscriber, take the first step today and have someone contact you.

Call: 888-658-6583

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