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Maybe it's social tools like lists and tagging. APIs and widgets. Partnerships to increase library visibility. Or maybe it's simply the comprehensive coverage of the billions of items available for online discovery by any of your users. Here's what a few people have said lately about their experience with

  • "So grateful to @ worldcatorg and @ jstor for being the best resources for my Senior Capstone research!"
  • — Helen Anninos, student at Chowan University

  • "[5 stars] Love love love this site; it was responsible for keeping my thesis organized, and even did the first draft of my bibliography for me in Chicago-style."
  • —Paulister on

  • "I love WorldCat! So much so that I have even downloaded their app to my iTouch and use it often to check if I can get a book I read about on a blog or magazine review. As a college student, inter-library loan is tremendously easy - I can even do it from the comfort of my couch and they email me when the book or article comes in. Although I did not find any of my surnames for books, I did come up with a few books on towns I am researching that I will have to order."
  • —Amanda Acquard from A Tale of Two Ancestors blog

  • "I hope too that all my fellow geneabloggers out there have also come to understand just how valuable this resource [] can be for family history research. I use this site almost daily. And it's great that it's also on my Android phone ... :-)"
  • Taneya Koonce, Webmaster and County Coordinator, NCGenWeb Project

  • "The autocite feature by @worldcatorg is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to a history major since Google Books."
  • Eric Stromberg, student at Duke University

  • "WorldCat—the world library catalog—lets users find items in the library most convenient for them. Plus, with the free user accounts on, they can do some social networking activities like building lists. Our students especially appreciate the ability to get automatic bibliographic citations in one of five common styles, and either cut and paste or export to RefWorksor EndNote. On a side note, I am teaching a class this Thursday on Worldcat and and we have 13 people signed up already ... The marketing materials you provide on the website are very helpful for us."
  • Ann Schoenenberger, Digital Librarian at Kenton County Public Library

  • "As a new addition to OCLC Worldcat – possibly the greatest invention since the cocktail shaker, I can't help but post this link to "Watch Worldcat Grow" , which shows, in real time, as new items are added from all over the world to this truly global catalog."
  • Ed Scripsi from Stacked

  • "...silos of library information are breaking down. I searched WorldCat today and found links to JSTOR content, clicked through, and downloaded the PDF without a hitch."
  • Sue Polanka, Head, Reference and Instruction, Wright State University Libraries, Dayton, OH

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“WorldCat is one of the best tools a savvy person can have in their possession … [it is] freaking sweet.”

Amanda Hyphenated, from the Modern Day Pirates blog