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Success stories

Learn more about how libraries have used WorldCat to make their collections more widely available on the Web in these brief case studies. Then, read praise for from end-users, genealogists and librarians.


“The most wonderful thing about is that it takes the power of our collective catalogs and combines them with an interface our users can understand.”

Lee-Anne Flandreau, Information Services Librarian
Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, Vancouver, WA

“...we got rid of all those search boxes and decided to let our students start their searches with, because it offered them the broadest search possible.”

Harriette Hemmasi, Joukowsky Family University Librarian
Brown University in Providence, RI

“We have a very rich collection in our libraries, and we're pleased that people are finding us through”

Isabel Stirling, Associate University Librarian & Director of Public Services
University of California at Berkeley