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  • English at a glance is a Web destination with search and social networking features that allow information seekers to discover, localize and personalize content from your collections and those of 10,000-plus WorldCat libraries globally. The site is the centerpiece of an open and "Web scale" system that distributes data about WorldCat-cataloged items across popular search engines, the social Web and other partner sites. People who search the Internet first for information find what they need in the context of libraries; identify their location and link directly to catalog records and electronic services at nearby institutions; and contribute user-created content that further enhances discovery and expands the utility and reach of the system.


  • Your library's resources are made visible to more people on the Web

    People at the Web's busiest sites—including Google and Yahoo!—make their way to your content and online services using the search method they know: simple keywords. You pull in new users and give existing ones a familiar way to reach you.
  • Get back into the Web generation's info-toolbox

    Internet users don't just search—they interact with what they find. lets them build and share lists, contribute reviews, put a WorldCat search box or other widget on their personal site, use WorldCat apps in facebook and on their mobile phone and generally spread information about library items all around the social Web.



  • Detailed record with cover art (when possible) shows quick evaulative information and links to author and subject-heading search results
  • Ten interface languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
  • FRBR-ized view for editions, translations and format variations
  • Single search access for all OCLC electronic resources for authenticated users
  • WorldCat Identities show more about a named person's associations with specific subject matter and other works and people
  • Mobile browser-based views for iOS and Android phones. Blackberry, Windows 7 Mobile optimization and feature phone support is coming soon


  • User-created lists of WorldCat-cataloged materials; lists can be public or private, and sharing facility lets users “watch” a list and/or notify friends
  • User-contributed tags, ratings and reviews of items
  • WorldCat Mobile pilot makes library materials accessible to people on the go
  • WorldCat Search API and WorldCat Basic API gives developer-level access for anyone to build Web apps with library data
  • WorldCat widgets, such as modular search boxes, mean users and organizations can post on blogs, personal sites—any Web page
  • Downloadable browser and Web-application plug-ins keep WorldCat searching close at hand

Directs users to your local library

  • Nearby holding libraries displayed closest to furthest after user input of location, with approximate distances
  • Geo-mapping function automatically suggests locations based on user's Internet IP address
  • Holding library listing includes deep link to library's corresponding catalog record plus utility links to general information Web page and online reference desk
  • Library "info" pages and "Search for a Library" function shows users all available libraries listed with a WorldCat Registry profile (regardless of OCLC membership status)

Fulfillment and citation options

  • Bibliographic citations in five common styles and export function to EndNote software and the EasyBib and RefWorks online service
  • IP-authenticated users see direct links to OPAC record, electronic full text and related online fulfillment resources
  • Purchase links let users buy physical materials and electronic article text from trusted Web partners


  • Contribute your library's holdings to WorldCat via WorldCat-enabled OCLC services (see "How to become a member" for a list of applicable services)
  • Subscribe to the WorldCat database on the FirstSearch reference service to support OCLC's open-Web efforts

    (Required for exposure of your holdings via, Google, Yahoo! and other partner sites)

Related services

  • WorldCat Registry

    A free Web tool that provides a single location from which any library can manage and electronically disseminate data that describes its institutional identity and services. Deep links to online catalog records and services displayed on are controlled from your library's Registry profile.
  • search plug-ins

    Free applications that allow Web users to access search results and other site functionality from a Web browser toolbar or within their personalized Web pages on popular social sites.
  • developer tools

    Free and subscription-based code, including the WorldCat Search API and other WorldCat-related Web services that allow any business or organization to integrate WorldCat information into a Web-based application such as an e-commerce site or search engine.
  • WorldCat Local

    WorldCat Local is the first step toward the only Web-scale cooperative library service. It's a unique service that works in conjunction with and provides Web access to WorldCat—the world's richest database for discovery of materials held in libraries. WorldCat Local gives your library users a Web-scale experience with each and every search, and provides Web visibility for your library on a far-greater level than you could achieve on your own.