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A more personal view of the profession
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    Innovate anything

    Technology is important. But the innovation doesn't stop--it can't stop--with making smaller and faster components.

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    MOOCs: A quick background

    For those not deeply immersed in the intersection of education and technology, here is a summary of the historical arc of MOOCs.

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    WebJunction community celebrates 10 years

    This year, WebJunction celebrated a decade of serving communities.

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    Little Free Library connects local and global communities throughout 36 countries

    When Todd Bol started the Little Free Library in 2009, he built what was essentially an oversized mailbox or birdhouse, in memory of his mother’s life and her love of reading.

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    Moving to meta-services

    As a business librarian at a public library, I get the full range of questions from a huge variety of people.

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    Three key challenges facing higher education and policymakers

    Our preoccupation with the relative standing of universities and national education systems—illustrated by the growing popularity and obsession with university rankings—reflects the consensus that higher education is essential for economic growth, gl...

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