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Shaping our collective future
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    Is your library a ‘Thing’?

    It’s important for your library to be a ‘Thing’ and not a ‘String’ if you want to connect with users on the Web.

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    Right-scaling stewardship of the collective print resource

    Improving the efficiency and lowering the cost of managing monographic print collections is a priority for many libraries as they seek to rebalance resources and attention across a shifting portfolio of collections and services.

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    Demystifying Born Digital

    Special collections and archives play a key role in the future of research libraries–providing rich content that supports research, teaching and community engagement.

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    The OCLC/ALISE Library & Information Science Research Grant Program: 25+ years of cutting-edge library sciences research

    Every year, OCLC Research and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) collaborate to offer the Library and Information Science Research Grant Program (LISRGP).

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    Exploring shifting changes in user engagement

    How do learners engage with the Web? How can educational services and systems attract and sustain a possible new group of lifelong learners? What motivates individuals to use particular technologies or spaces when engaging with the information enviro...

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    Supporting social metadata

    Social metadata provides an opportunity for libraries, archives and museums (LAMs) to connect with their communities while enriching the descriptive metadata for their collections. Social platforms help users improve the discoverability and evaluatio...

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