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WorldCat Discovery adds staff-specific features, search box customization, RefWorks export, availability and group views options

New features in WorldCat Discovery Services support the unique needs of library staff members who are using the discovery interface. Additional new features added to WorldCat Discovery this month benefit end-users who use the single search box, need citation assistance or want to know a specific item’s availability status or location in their local library. Group views deliver a view of items available through the consortia or regional groups to which a library belongs.

New features added in June

New features include:

  • Staff-specific features
    Staff-specific functionality has been added to WorldCat Discovery to support librarian-specific search needs as they answer reference questions, perform interlibrary loan tasks and determine acquisitions strategies within the context of knowing what other libraries hold an item. Features added include the ability to see:
    • OCLC number in the brief results
    • MARC record view of items if your library maintains up-to-date holdings in WorldCat
    • Libraries who hold an item by OCLC symbol, and the ability to search by symbol (The current end-user view displays holding libraries by geographic proximity to the searcher’s IP range location.)

The staff-specific features appear in WorldCat Discovery once a staff member logs in with their individual OCLC single-sign-on username and password. Instructions are available to help you set up your staff account, or add WorldCat Discovery authorization to a current account you already use for WorldShare ILL or WorldShare Metadata.

  • Customization now possible for embedded search box
    The embeddable search box added in May 2014 gets even better this month. Now libraries who use the single search box can customize it to limit to specific items (such as books or articles), expand to search multiple discipline-specific databases, or scope the search down to WorldCat only in an A to Z listing, for example.
  • Export to RefWorks
    Now researchers can save results from WorldCat Discovery to RefWorks, the powerful online research management, writing and collaboration tool and citation generator. A “share” icon for each item in a given results set provides a citation export file, so that once researchers find something interesting through the library, they’ll always be able to find it again. RefWorks joins EndNote export and e-mail functionality already available.
  • Three optional features now in production
    The item location and real-time availability status, group views, and custom reporting options are all now in production in WorldCat Discovery. These fee-based options let you tailor your discovery service, to add functionality based on what's best for your library and its users.
    • Item location and availability. Show users what’s available in your local library collections (branches, departments, etc.) plus availability status from a local OPAC by adding the item location and real-time availability option.
    • Group views. Maximize and reinforce the value of your library’s group affiliations by adding group views.
    • Custom reporting. Gain insight into user behavior through customized reports from Adobe® Analytics®.

All of these options require that your library maintains up-to-date holdings in WorldCat.

Features coming soon: additional WorldShare ILL integration

Features coming soon include enhancements to further integrate WorldCat Discovery and WorldShare Interlibrary Loan. These enhancements will build on the staff-specific features installed this month, so that resource sharing librarians can use the staff view of WorldCat Discovery to connect directly to the workflows in WorldShare ILL and/or ILLiad.

Start your transition to WorldCat Discovery

The WorldCat Discovery interface is available to all current FirstSearch, WorldCat Local and WorldShare Management Services subscribers as part of existing subscriptions. Libraries are encouraged to start their transition to WorldCat Discovery today.

About WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery Services is an integrated suite of cloud-based applications that enables people to discover more than 1.5 billion electronic, digital and physical resources in libraries around the world and makes library collections visible to information seekers in the places where they start their search.