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Connexion client 2.5 is released

Connexion client version 2.50 is now available for download. View the upgrade instructions before installing version 2.50.

To install the client on Windows XP, an account with administrative rights is required. To help prevent installation problems with Windows Vista, 7 and 8, right-click the file you downloaded and click Run as Administrator.

Version 2.50 includes the following enhancements which are described in an overview recording:

  • Armenian, Ethiopic and Syriac scripts are now supported.
  • New RDA authority workforms for Family and Name Title have been implemented.
  • New authority indexes Cataloging Source, Descriptive Conventions, Keyword, and Notes available for searching via the Keyword/Numeric Search drop down lists; these were previously only available via command line searching.
  • GenerateAuthorityRecord macro updated to fully recognize the 264 field.
  • GenerateERecord macro updated to better handle Unicode characters.
  • Help, Useful Web Links list updated to link to OCLC-MARC Records documentation.