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Goodreads and OCLC work together to provide greater visibility for public libraries online

OCLC is pleased to announce that it has expanded its strategic partnership with Goodreads, the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations, to help provide greater visibility for all libraries.

The new agreement pledges to improve Goodreads members’ experience of finding fresh, new things to read through libraries. It will also provide libraries with a way to reach this key group of dedicated readers through social media. As a traffic partner since 2007, Goodreads has sent more than 5 million Web referrals to

“We are always looking to give the Goodreads community even more ways to connect with their favorite titles and authors,” explains Patrick Brown, Community Manager for Goodreads. “Linking to libraries through WorldCat and OCLC has always been important to Goodreads, and this agreement helps ensure that our more than 12 million members find their local library and that their local library finds them.”

The expanded partnership includes several components:

  • A joint marketing effort to get libraries to join the Goodreads site and create a library “group” page, which will now be listed at the top of the groups page.
  • Engagement reports from Goodreads that show how many libraries have joined and created group pages and how fast membership is growing for individual libraries on Goodreads.
  • An upcoming webinar held specifically for librarians and library staff members, to learn more about Goodreads and how to optimize the library’s presence.
  • Library-specific promotional materials to encourage patron participation in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2012 during the month of November.
  • A discussion session planned for ALA Midwinter 2013 to hear library feedback and solicit ideas for additional visibility and collaboration.

“This partnership truly starts to deliver on the power of exposing libraries where potential library users—people who love books and will use libraries—go,” says Cindy Cunningham, Director of Partner Programs for OCLC. “The APIs and data available through the WorldShare Platform make it simple for Goodreads to include the aggregated library data of the cooperative in their user experience, which delivers value back to both the end-user and to the participating libraries. I am thrilled to think how much more visible libraries will be on the consumer Web, at a massive scale, as we embark upon this new chapter of our relationship with Goodreads.”

The Webinar for librarians and library staff members is planned for November 15, 2012 at 2:00 pm ET. Speakers from both Goodreads and OCLC will provide details of the partnership, including the new functionality available on Goodreads. A Goodreads staff member will walk libraries through how to join this global social booksite and how to take advantage of hosting discussions, multiple recommendation threads, photos, videos and even reading contests and surveys on the Goodreads group pages. The Webinar is free, but library staff members are encouraged to register.

For additional information about the Goodreads-OCLC partnership and how your library can make the most of it, please visit the partnership web page.

About Goodreads
Goodreads is the largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. Loved by avid and casual readers alike, Goodreads has more than 12 million members who have added more than 410 million books to their shelves. Goodreads users can find their next favorite book, see what their friends are reading, keep track of what want to read and have read, form book clubs and much more. Launched in January 2007, Goodreads is a privately owned company.