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Citavi becomes WorldCat traffic partner

OCLC is pleased to announce that WorldCat is now among the online catalogs available to search, cite and annotate in Citavi projects. As such, Citavi has recently been added to the list of traffic partners.

Citavi (which in Latin means “I cited“") was created by the company Swiss Academic Software and has become a leading product in the German-speaking world. The recently published version 3 provides both a German and an English interface.

Swiss Academic Software CEO Peter Meurer shared, “We are thrilled to add OCLC to the online resource providers available in Citavi. As the world's largest bibliographic database, WorldCat offers Citavi users a truly unparalleled resource.”

The software assists with reference management and knowledge organization. More than simply a citation manager, Citavi provides all the tools necessary for scholarly writing and research such as searching online resources, creating essay outlines and even a project task planner. It helps a user find, structure and then document the information they find—quickly and easily.

Now that more than 210 million records from WorldCat are available to search directly through Citavi thanks to the WorldCat Search API, students and researchers can find more of the world’s information in libraries more quickly and use it more effectively. Citavi also searches more than 4,000 additional library catalogs and specific databases.

Citavi is available for students and researchers at almost all universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland but is also used by companies and individuals outside the university setting.

About Swiss Academic Software
Swiss Academic Software was founded 2004 in Zürich, Switzerland. The company develops solutions for an individual information research, information management and knowledge organization.