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Member-driven, member-governed

A key benefit of membership is the opportunity to participate in OCLC's governance. Member libraries have a voice through their elected representatives, and are encouraged to actively participate in elections and member forums, and through direct dialogue with their elected delegates.

Regional Councils facilitate connections in three world regions: Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific; and the Americas. Members from each region elect an Executive Committee, plus member delegates to OCLC Global Council. Global Council brings these worldwide viewpoints together, informing and guiding the cooperative with this unique perspective. All members are encouraged to actively participate in regional activities, and to provide feedback to their member-leaders.

World map showing Regional Councils

Americas / EMEA / Asia Pacific

Global Council

There are 48 Global Council member delegates elected by the Regional Councils to represent the needs of member libraries. Global Council convenes in person at least once annually. Member delegates ratify amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations, and they also elect six members of the Board of Trustees. Members can contact any Global Council member delegate to share ideas, offer feedback and ask questions.

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Anja Smit

A message from Anja Smit, Chair, Global Council

Welcome from your Global Council!

OCLC is a community of libraries representing a wide variation of cultural, geographic and economic differences. As OCLC, we come together not despite that diversity, but because that diversity allows all of us the opportunity to serve our users better. As the Global Council, we have been entrusted to work on behalf of libraries worldwide to ensure that this cooperative works for us as individual institutions and as a profession. We invite you to engage as an active participant in the global network of libraries through knowing your elected representatives to the OCLC Global Council, staying up to date on OCLC activities around the world, and participating as a member of the OCLC global cooperative.

Recent news

  • 2016 Global Council election results announced

    OCLC Global Council convened on 11–13 April in Dublin, Ohio, USA. Delegates elected Madeleine Lefebvre, Chief Librarian, Ryerson University, and Jacques Malschaert, Managing Director, Bibliotheekservice Fryslân, to the OCLC Board of Trustees. Madelei...

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NOV 16

16 November 2016 - 16 November 2016

Global Council delegates will meet in November 2016 in Dublin, Ohio.

  • Location: Dublin, OH
  • Venue: Embassy Suites Dublin and OCLC Conference Center

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APR 11

11 April 2016 - 13 April 2016

Global Council delegates will meet in April 2016 in Dublin, Ohio.

  • Location: Dublin, OH
  • Venue: Marriott Northwest Hotel and OCLC Conference Center

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Americas Regional Council

OCLC members in the Americas—Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the United States—can actively participate in the cooperative via the Americas Regional Council (ARC). Attend a meeting, learn about the latest innovations and initiatives, and provide feedback to any ARC representative. Members also nominate colleagues, run for office and participate in ARC elections—electing 32 delegates to serve on the ARC's Executive Committee and OCLC's Global Council. 

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Jay Starratt

A message from Jay Starratt, Chair, Americas Regional Council

Welcome from your Americas Regional Council!

What makes OCLC truly unique is its long history as a cooperative and the active involvement of its members. Your input is crucial to guiding the direction of OCLC, the development of more efficient products and services and keeping the cooperative connected to the library community. The Americas Regional Council (ARC) serves as your direct connection to the governance of OCLC.

This year marks an exciting time for the ARC: a new series of regional meetings to strengthen our connection to members and gather important feedback directly related to the cooperative’s product and service offerings.

I encourage you to get involved and stay connected to ARC. Familiarize yourself with the list of delegates who make up this year’s council, and feel free to reach out to them; they are your conduit for sharing your observations, needs and concerns to the OCLC management and Board of Trustees.

You are the cooperative, so let your voice be heard through ARC!

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JAN 30

30 January 2015

This event will open with an update on recent Americas Regional Council and Global Council activities. The OCLC Symposium, "Research in Context," will follow immediately. Refreshments will be served after the Symposium.

  • Location: Chicago, IL; Online
  • Venue: McCormick Place West, Room W-196a
  • Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Central Standard Time, North America [UTC -6]

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Featured video

OCLC Americas Regional Council Meeting Summary

(streaming video, 4:52 minutes)
June 2014

During the OCLC Symposium, hosted by the Americas Regional Council (ARC), at ALA Annual in June 2014, Jane Treadwell announces new member leadership team and Wilbur Stolt, ARC Chair for 2014–2015.


EMEA Regional Council

The Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council (EMEARC) is open to all OCLC participants, members, partners and distributors located in the geography. OCLC members play a special role within EMEARC in that they are eligible to vote in elections for the EMEARC committees and for delegates to represent the region at Global Council. The EMEA Region elects 11 delegates to the Global Council. These delegates also form the Executive Committee of EMEA Regional Council.

There are two standing committees within EMEARC: the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee.

The Executive Committee plans at least one face-to-face meeting of EMEARC annually. This meeting is held in a different country each year. The OCLC President and members of the OCLC Strategic Leadership Team, EMEA Board of Directors and OCLC Trustees attend EMEARC meetings. EMEARC meetings are designed to provide a forum to discuss issues that are important within the region and themes that are on the agenda of Global Council. Above all, EMEARC is a two-way vehicle to provide advice to OCLC on its strategic direction, to provide input to service developments, and to share information on collaborative initiatives, best practices and the latest OCLC research and developments.

Individuals from OCLC customers in the region who are interested in serving on EMEARC committees or standing as a Delegate to Global Council are invited to send an Expression of Interest to Julie Seuront, Member Advocate.

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Fiona Parsons

A message from Fiona Parsons, Chair, EMEA Regional Council

Welcome from your EMEA Regional Council

The EMEA region embraces diversity. Within the region are more than 60 countries, libraries, museums and archives, which all face many different challenges. Understanding and communicating this diversity is key to identifying regional priorities with regard to OCLC’s services and development of the global cooperative. The Executive Committee of the EMEA Regional Council aims to represent all OCLC members and member organisations, and this calls for a well-developed network and excellent communication among the membership.

OCLC members throughout EMEA elect 11 delegates to the Global Council. These delegates serve staggered three-year terms and represent various library types and territories. As delegates, we welcome your input, questions, comments and concerns in order to represent members’ interests and provide informed opinions to OCLC about the direction of the library community. The EMEA Regional Council also invites libraries to join them during their annual event, which will take place, this year, in March 2016 in Madrid. Please feel free to contact us to discuss regional issues or matters concerning the global cooperative.

Understanding the membership diversity is key to identifying regional priorities with regard to OCLC’s services and development of the global cooperative.

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Asia Pacific Regional Council

The OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC) represents member libraries from the territory west of Hawaii, ranging from China, Korea and Japan in the north to Australia and New Zealand in the south, and Pakistan to the west. The Asia Pacific Council elects member librarians to the Asia Pacific Executive Committee, five of whom also serve as delegates to Global Council.

Asia Pacific Regional Council meetings are open to all members and provide a forum to discuss issues that are important to libraries in the region. Members can also provide feedback to OCLC about its products, services, policies and operating direction through the Global Council.

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Craig Anderson

A message from Craig Anderson, Chair, Asia Pacific Regional Council

Welcome from your Asia Pacific Regional Council

The Asia Pacific Regional Council understands that working together in a larger environment helps us to provide the resources we need locally, nationally, regionally and globally to improve the lives of the people depending on us for their information. As APRC, we work in the context of a variety of languages, scripts and cultures that we know both helps make OCLC the important worldwide cooperative it is today, and provides us access to the unique resources housed in libraries from around the world. This mutual benefit provides us an important resource now, and helps to provide the path for all of our futures.

We welcome and encourage input from all institutions in our region and are glad to represent your interests as part of the global cooperative.

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03 December 2015 - 04 December 2015

The seventh annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Council took place in Melbourne, Australia. The two-day conference was part of the week’s events, which included the Libraries Australia Forum, OCLC Research Library Partnership Meeting, user group meetings, and library tours.

This event has passed. View the archive.

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Contact OCLC's Global and Regional Councils office

If you are interested in participating in Americas, Asia Pacific or EMEA Regional Council activities, or in representing your region on the OCLC Global Council, please send an email to