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Per-search access

With per-search pricing, you pay by the search and purchase blocks of 500 searches in advance. The searches are used as your patrons need them.

OCLC members receive a discount on the per-search purchase option. Additional blocks of searches can be purchased at any time, providing access to dozens of databases.

What counts as a search?

A search is counted when you send a search word or phrase to FirstSearch and receive at least one record (e.g., "baseball and umpires" is one search). As an example, when you purchase 10,000 searches, you make it possible for you and your users to perform that number of searches in FirstSearch. Searches can also be used to read full text articles; five searches are used for each full text article.

Purchased searches are good for two years

The searches you buy under the open per-search pricing option are valid for two years from the date of purchase. After two years, unused searches expire unless you make a subsequent FirstSearch purchase under any per-search or subscription option during that period. If you make an additional purchase, the expiration dates of all searches purchased under the open per-search pricing option are adjusted to expire two years after your latest purchase.