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Order FirstSearch for an individual library

If you represent an individual library, there are two ways that you can order FirstSearch.

  1. You can order through our Online Service Center.

    If you would like to order through the Webstore and have received a letter from your regional service provider telling you how to set up an account, you can log in with the information provided in the letter and order immediately. If you have not received notification of your user identification, please contact OCLC to help set up an account for you.

    Today, this account will allow you to place new orders and renewals of FirstSearch. In the coming months other OCLC services will also be available for order and renewal. You will also be able to make changes to your institution's contact information.

  2. You can print and complete the FirstSearch Individual Institution Order Form (PDF) to place either a new order or a renewal.

    Complete as much of the form as you can—note that you can type directly into the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader and save it locally—then contact OCLC to obtain pricing and other information that will help you complete the form and finalize the order.

Before you begin

You may need to gather the following information before you begin:

  • Your billing address, if it differs from your mailing address
  • Your OCLC symbol, if you are an OCLC member
  • IP addresses of your FirstSearch workstations if IP authentication will be used
  • Existing FirstSearch authorization numbers, if possible

Completing the form

  1. The first three sections of the form are for your library’s mailing, billing, and membership information.
  2. In the FirstSearch Order Information section, choose the type of purchase you want to make: per-search account, subscription account, or a combination.
  3. In the Documentation section, check the box if you want printed documentation.
  4. In the Internet Protocol section, indicate the IP addresses of the workstations from which you plan to access FirstSearch.
  5. Indicate your Library Type
  6. In the Per-search Account section complete the appropriate sections.
  7. In the Subscription Account section, complete the appropriate sections.

    Note: In the subscription account section Access Level refers to the number of simultaneous connections to FirstSearch for each database you select.

    Reminder: If you selected Combination Account, you need to complete the Per-Search and Subscription Account sections.

  8. At this point you have completed as much of the ordering information as you can. Contact OCLC to complete the order.