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Metadata management solution

CBS consists of components for online cataloguing, batch import and export of bibliographic and authority records, interlibrary loan and management information. Clients of the system can choose to implement individual components in accordance with their requirements, to create a completely tailored solution.

The first implementation of CBS was the shared cataloguing system known as the GGC in 1978. More than 200 libraries and documentation centres use the GGC every day to catalogue their collections. Thirty years later and the software is in use around the world. In recent years, OCLC has used CBS software as the foundation for a national resource sharing service in the UK, known as UnityUK.

In 2008, new updating functionality was introduced which enables CBS catalogues to update behind the scenes in real-time in WorldCat. Regional cataloguing activity can now be seamlessly integrated with global exposure on the web of the world’s library collections.

CBS can be used purely as a back-office utility or can be made publicly accessible and searchable through international standardised interfaces, like Z39.50, SRU or by using its own powerful search engine interface. In addition, it fully integrates with other discovery tools.

CBS can be implemented either onsite as a local installation or can be hosted and maintained by OCLC.

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