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CAMIO ® Promotional Toolkit

We can assist you in reaching out to your user community—whether they are undergraduates, graduate students, faculty or staff. These promotional tools can help guide your users to this premiere database.

Your feedback and ideas are always welcomed. Please let us know what additional information you may need.

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Descriptions for your Web page

Information to assist you in citing this electronic resource on your Web site and including it in lists of what you offer.

Database description

Briefest text:

Digital versions of fine and decorative art from leading museums around the world.

Brief text:

CAMIO contains fine art and decorative art from pre-history through contemporary works. All content is rights-cleared for educational use in the classroom or to illustrate papers, Web projects and other assignments.

Longer text:

CAMIO—Catalog of Art Museum Images Online—contains about 95,000 works of fine and decorative art from leading museums around the world. The scope of the collection ranges from 3000 BCE to the present, representing premiere examples of Asian, African, Latin American and Western art. Difficult-to-find contemporary art is one of its strengths. The content includes high-resolution images of photographs, paintings, sculpture, decorative and utilitarian objects, prints, drawings and watercolors, jewelry and costumes, textiles, books, installations, and architecture—plus audio-video and mixed media. Benefits of the interface include downloading high-resolution images, the ability to e-mail images and metadata for further study, and fast, powerful, Web-based searching. All content is rights-cleared for educational use.

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Fine Art

Decorative Art


Primary sources

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CAMIO ®: Catalog of Art Museum Images Online

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Art History

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Cultural Studies

Fine Art

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Content contributors

Contributing to CAMIO is easy, and you can help expose your collections to researchers worldwide. See the current list of contributors and contact us today to become a contributor.


Promoting to faculty and students

Targeted description of this electronic resource and reasons for using it.

The library is pleased to announce that it is currently subscribing to CAMIO—Catalog of Art Museum Images Online. This resource contains about 95,000 works of fine and decorative art that you can present in the classroom, download for research and study, and use to illustrate papers and other assignments. It includes works ranging from 3000 BCE to the present day, including difficult-to-find contemporary art. If you are not already familiar with this easy-to-use resource, try it by following this link [link to your institution’s electronic resource page listing] and bookmark it for future use.

What others say:

“Our fine art and design students love the ability to open up CAMIO images in high resolution and full-colour, and the ability to search across different art media such as paintings, drawings or sculpture perfectly addresses the interdisciplinary way in which most of our students now work. They are always amazed at the quality of the images they can get from CAMIO, as opposed to the quality they are used to receiving from a Google Image search.”

—Duncan Chappell, Fine Art and Design Librarian, Glasgow School of Art

“I am delighted with CAMIO’s content and the ease of access.”

—Leigh Gates, Visual Resources Librarian, Art Institute of Chicago

“We have taught selected lecture courses in art history since 1998 using digital images. We could not have done so without AMICO, and are very pleased that we’ll be able to continue to use these images via CAMIO.”

—Michael May, Collections/Reference, Librarian, Art and Design, University of Alberta


Teaching guides and curriculum ideas

Include an overview of CAMIO in your library’s bibliographic instruction classes.

Suggestions from the Library of Congress for using primary sources in the classroom can be found at

Use scenarios—send us your own examples from faculty or students and we will be happy to post those for others to encourage use at their institutions!

View sample record and interface

View sample records to see the search result interface and object metadata.