OCLC eNews: Australia and New Zealand, Issue 2

September - October 2013

Welcome to OCLC eNews for Australia and New Zealand. OCLC eNews helps our members in Australia and New Zealand connect with the latest OCLC research, advocacy, campaigns and products. Founded in 1967, OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organisation dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs.

In this edition of eNews, we focus on OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan enhancements; the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system; the OCLC Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Program; and much more. 

OCLC WorldShare

National Library of New Zealand reduces costs by moving Te Puna Interloan service to OCLC

The National Library of New Zealand is working with OCLC to improve interlibrary lending and reduce costs by moving the infrastructure of the national Te Puna Interloan network to the hosted version of OCLC’s VDX resource sharing system.

OCLC’s VDX document delivery and management system fully automates the requesting and supply of books and journal articles for libraries that use the Te Puna Interloan system. The National Library of New Zealand has selected OCLC to host and manage this system, which greatly reduces the organisation’s administrative workload and reduces maintenance tasks. The national interlibrary loan infrastructure is now hosted in OCLC’s data centre, with local support provided by OCLC staff, in Melbourne, Australia.

Eighty-eight percent of New Zealand libraries use Te Puna Interloan, including small public libraries, large university libraries and a variety of special libraries. The system generates approximately 102,000 requests per year and includes interlibrary loans between libraries in Australia and New Zealand. VDX facilitates Te Puna’s interloan payment service, tracking the financial transactions between the supplying and requesting organisations, which enables the National Library to generate invoices. This move positions Te Puna Services and the National Library of New Zealand for additional next-generation technology.

"The OCLC Melbourne Office was very supportive throughout the whole process of migration and upgrade," said Kaye Foran, Customer Support Consultant (Te Puna), National Library of New Zealand. "They worked hard to provide the configurations we required and to adapt to the requirements of a wide range of libraries within New Zealand. They have continued to provide prompt and efficient service."

"OCLC continues to provide shared infrastructure for libraries around the globe. Within the past few years, we have seen libraries choosing OCLC for more than hosting services of their VDX systems," said Chris Thewlis, Regional Manager, OCLC Asia Pacific and Australia. "Libraries are finding efficiency and value in having the system provider also managing the process. OCLC has developed considerable expertise in managing systems, which was essential for supporting such a significant national infrastructure as Te Puna Interloan."

For more information about the National Library of New Zealand and its Te Puna Services, visit http://natlib.govt.nz/librarians/te-puna.

More about OCLC’s VDX service is on the OCLC website.


New OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan features

 Highlights of new WorldShare ILL features:

  • Link to lender OPAC. Lenders may now link from lending requests to their own OPACs to determine whether requested items are available for loan.
  • Transfer of bibliographic and holdings data into review requests. Library staff may now add bibliographic data and lenders to requests in the Review queues.
  • Edit produced requests. Borrowers may now edit requests that are produced but have not yet been shipped by a lender.
  • Record purchases within borrowing workflow. When borrowers decide to purchase items rather than borrow them, they can now select “Purchase Request” for items in the Review categories. Selecting “Purchase Request” results in the display of a pop-up screen where additional information (vendor name, order number, price) can be entered.
  • Addition of pick-up location to borrower bookstraps.
  • Two-per-page request printing with additional data.
    Bill-to address added to full request printing
  • OCLC Service Configuration. Custom holding groups can now be searched by an individual library symbol.
  • New rules determine when constant data is applied to records.
  • Spanish interface. The WorldShare ILL interface is now available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Batch processing icon. Request queues that support batch processing are now indicated with an icon so you can quickly identify which actions include batch processing.

For more information on WorldShare ILL enhancements:


50 more libraries select OCLC WorldShare Management Services

Fifty additional libraries have selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services this year, choosing the Web-based library management services that simplify back-office operations, streamline library workflows, and provide a powerful discovery and delivery service for library users. WorldShare Management Services offer unified, Web-based applications—from acquisitions and circulation, to metadata and license management, resource sharing and analytics—to streamline workflows, and create new value for their institutions and users.

Please contact australia@oclc.org for a demonstration of our cloud-based library management system.


Amlib Development RoadMap

OCLC anticipates the release of Amlib 6.0 in late 2013. The main feature of this release is the introduction of OpenOPAC, an alternative interface to Amlib NetOpacs.

New OpenOPAC solution:

  • For searching library catalogue
  • Local server solution
  • Initial load from Amlib to create database
  • Maintained with direct updates from Amlib
  • Easy to customise interface using Configuration Manager
  • Tailor the fields that are displayed for bibliographic records
  • Use facets to filter results
  • Mobile version included

For more information please contact support-amlib@oclc.org


CONTENTdm Featured Collection

Organisations worldwide are using CONTENTdm digital collection management software to create thousands of outstanding digital collections and to provide easy access to their unique holdings.

Our featured collection for September-October is Hornsby Shire Library Special Collections. Hornsby Library Local Studies Section has a wide range of materials relating to the local area including special collections on topics such as Ginger Meggs and the building of the first Hawkesbury Railway Bridge and other information relating to Hornsby Shire Council area located on the Upper North Shore, Sydney Australia.

Ginger Meggs Christmas card

OCLC WorldCat

Happy anniversary, WorldCat!

August 26 marked the 42nd anniversary of the start of the WorldCat database. On that date in 1971, Ohio University in Athens, Ohio became the first institution to do online cataloging.

Ohio University cataloged 133 items from a single terminal the first day. The first night, the OCLC computer room back in Columbus, Ohio, was struck by lightning. Some would call this an auspicious beginning! The first year it used OCLC, Ohio University was able to increase the number of books it cataloged by a third. From the beginning, OCLC was delivering on its promise of increasing access to information while reducing library costs.

42 years later, WorldCat continues to deliver on that promise. Now available to people everywhere on the Internet, WorldCat has become a global force for research, scholarship and education.


New OCLC registry service shines a spotlight on libraries

Libraries can increase their visibility on the Web by registering basic local information with the OCLC Library Spotlight program—a free service that works with popular Web services to promote libraries. Yelp, the popular local directory service, has agreed to be one of the first to work with OCLC on this new program.

  • Use the OCLC Library Spotlight program to help tell your library's story.
  • Claim your library and update your information to make your library easier to find in search engines and popular web sites.
  •  Get a free custom mobile web view of your library in just minutes and help your users quickly see your hours, locations, and other key information.

 Learn more and get started: http://www.worldcat.org/spotlight/

WorldCat logo

Until a few years ago, had you ever heard of the raw food diet? Now it’s at 613.265

It’s a big world, we’ve organised it. DDC23—a new edition now available!

Only a few years ago there were few books, videos or periodicals that even mentioned the raw food diet. Because back then, the phenomenon wasn’t mainstream. Now, the raw food diet finds its happy home at 613.265. New concepts come into our world all the time—like cloud computing, bullying, phishing and yes, even the raw food diet—and Dewey editors keep pace with all of these updates and much, much more.

To request your copy of DDC23, or to get a free trial of WebDewey visit: http://www.oclc.org/en-AU/dewey/ordering


OCLC Begins Enriching WorldCat Records with FAST Headings

FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) is a fully enumerative faceted subject heading schema derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), a widely-used subject-access vocabulary published and maintained by the Library of Congress. The development of FAST has been a collaboration of OCLC and the Library of Congress with advice from members of the ALCTS/SAC/Subcommittee on FAST.

Beginning in September 2013, OCLC is systematically adding FAST headings to WorldCat bibliographic records. The records affected will already have LCSH assigned, and the routines will be applied only to records that are attributed as being English-language-of-cataloging.

Learn more about this enrichment of WorldCat with FAST headings

Read more background about FAST


Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Program

The OCLC Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Program supports library instruction programs in Australia and New Zealand with reduced- or no-cost, hands-on access to a variety of OCLC services. Through this program, you can help provide your library and information science students with the skills needed to succeed in today’s library environment.

The LIS Education program is enjoyed by many institutions around Australia, with most institutions choosing to install WebDewey and CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software.

‘I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying playing around with this software and how great it is! It really is so wonderful as an educator to have access to such great software and be able to use it with students’ - Zaana Howard, Associate Lecturer, Information Systems School, Queensland University of Technology

Available services

  • Cataloguing and metadata services: including access to WebDewey®, plus reduced prices on selected Dewey® publications and products.
  • Digital collection services: including CONTENTdm® Digital Collection Management Software, hosted at OCLC at no charge, for hands-on experience with the software used in building digital collections for libraries and archives worldwide.
  • Reference services: including access to the QuestionPoint® virtual reference service.
  • WorldCat.org™ and related services: including help finding materials in libraries, plus access to related social networking features that let users create lists and bibliographies, write reviews and more.
  • Tours, orientations and service-specific presentations: tailored to meet the needs of library and information science faculty and students.

Who can participate?

  • Library and information science schools accredited by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).
  • Colleges and universities within Australia and New Zealand that offer a bachelor’s degree or higher in library and  information science education.
  • Library training programs within Australia and New Zealand that offer a certificate or higher in library and information science education.

OCLC waives most charges for the LIS Education Program,  including specified charges for OCLC systems and services  (e.g., CONTENTdm and hosting service). OCLC reserves the  right to charge for unique items, such as royalty fees to  suppliers or third parties. LIS schools are responsible for  training fees and network fees, if applicable.

Research opportunities
OCLC offers a variety of opportunities for those who conduct research that advances professional librarianship. These include OCLC’s Distinguished Seminar Series, the Visiting Scholar program, and the OCLC/ALISE Library and Information Science Research Grant Program. Learn more about current OCLC research projects and opportunities.

For more information please contact australia@oclc.org


OCLC Seminar Series: The Collective Power of Shared Data - What the Web wants

Richard Wallis, Technology Evangelist

OCLC invites you to the OCLC Seminar Series: The Collective Power of Shared Data - What the Web wants. Each seminar is an opportunity to hear about OCLC’s current initiatives particularly in the area of Linked Data and OCLC WorldShare Platform. The keynote speaker is Richard Wallis, Technology Evangelist at OCLC who will talk about the Semantic Web and Linked Data technology. Chris Thewlis, Regional Manager for OCLC in Australia will provide an overview of OCLC’s WorldShare Platform.

The seminars will be held in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney during October and November, 2013.

Richard Wallis brings to OCLC expertise and experience in emerging data standards and their applications—in libraries and on the wider Semantic Web—to help establish libraries and WorldCat at the core of an emerging Web of data. Richard established Data Liberate, a consulting organisation, in January 2012 after having been with Talis, a Linked Data and Semantic Web technology organisation in the United Kingdom, for over 20 years. As Technology Evangelist, he has been at the forefront in promoting, explaining and applying new and emerging Web and Semantic Web technologies in the wider information world.

The OCLC cooperative is the world’s leading organisation devoted exclusively to the challenges facing libraries, archives and museums in a rapidly changing, digital global community. From its revolutionary online cataloguing and interlibrary loan systems to its ground-breaking efforts in linked data and WorldShare management services, the cooperative investigates new trends in technology and new ideas in library practice.

For more information please contact australia@oclc.org