Libraries can continue to catalog their collections in WorldCat using OCLC-built applications, such as Connexion and the upcoming WorldShare Metadata Record Manager, or they can create new applications using the WorldCat Metadata API to manage their cataloging workflows.

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Survey shows that social media has graduated to academia

A new survey of colleges across Scotland shows that social media—particularly YouTube—has firmly entered the learning environment as teaching and learning tools, with its use growing significantly year on year.

  • Academic staff seemed most in favor of social media: 70 percent agreed that its use enhances the quality of the learning experience and 69 percent agreed that students were at ease using it.
  • Some academic staff felt that social media is a distraction to learning.
  • Fewer than 10 percent of staff in any category, however, had received training in social media.
  • The video world of YouTube stood out strongly, used by 62 percent of academic staff and 40 percent of learning technologists.
  • Other media lagged far behind, with Facebook used by only 15 percent of academic staff and Twitter used by just 3 percent.

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Public libraries partner with Redbox and OCLC to pilot community initiative

Redbox’s “Outside the Box“ aims to build strong communities through shared entertainment experiences

“Public libraries were chosen as a launching pad for ‘Outside the Box’ because they are trusted institutions in local neighborhoods,” said Chrystie Hill, Community Relations Director for OCLC. “Like Redbox, libraries are committed to providing access to popular content and programs, to engaging and building communities, and contributing to local development.”

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Bishop Grosseteste University is first in UK to go live with WorldShare Management Services

With WMS, library staff at Bishop Grosseteste University saw they could modernize their workflows, create savings on both IT infrastructure and staff time, and drive up student satisfaction levels. Emma Sansby, Head of Library Services, explains: “WMS is both modern and evolving. It offers the efficiencies of cloud-based computing, taking pressure off our library and IT teams who no longer have to maintain in-house infrastructure. We will benefit not only from OCLC’s regular upgrades but also the innovations that libraries around the world develop and share. That really appeals to us.” From the earliest stages, librarians at the University found WMS easy to use, with clear modern interfaces.

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OCLC member libraries around the world:

Rotorua District Library
Rotorua, New Zealand
OCLC symbol: NZROP

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mannheim
Mannheim, Germany
OCLC symbol: DEMAB

River Valley Elementary School
Meridian, Idaho, USA
OCLC symbol: IDRVE

Musées cantonaux du Valais
Sion, Switzerland
OCLC symbol: CHMCV

Murdoch University, Rockingham campus
Rockingham, Australia
OCLC symbol: ATWRT

Lycée cantonal de Porrentruy
Porrentruy, Switzerland
OCLC symbol: CHLCP

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