New video: “Clear Pictures from Complex Data”

From the series Collective Insight: Driven by Shared Data, this video from the OCLC Symposium at the ACRL conference continues the conversation on how libraries can collectively leverage their shared data to gain greater insight and strengthen the services they provide.

Noah Iliinsky, Visualization Expert at IBM’s Center for Advanced Visualization, co-author of Designing Data Visualizations and Editor/Contributor to Beautiful Visualization from O’Reilly Media, talks about how the four pillars of data visualization can help librarians see their world in new and exciting ways.

In addition, a video of the ACRL presentation, “Parents, Alumni and Libraries: What our customers really believe about the library,” also is available for viewing. Lorraine Haricombe, Dean of the University of Kansas Libraries and Cathy De Rosa, Vice President for the Americas and Global Vice President of Marketing, OCLC, share the most recent results of OCLC's member research in this presentation.

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Use of tablet computers in public and academic libraries

Key results from two recently released reports from the Primary Research Group:

  • Public libraries that serve a population of less than 10,000 plan to spend an average of $469 and a maximum of $5,000 in the next year on tablet computers.
  • 70 percent of public libraries that serve a population of more than 100,000 have purchased tablets for library staff use.
  • 34 percent of the academic libraries loan tablets to patrons.
  • Academic libraries plan to spend a mean of $2,210 on tablet computers in the next year. The number of tablets owned by the academic libraries ranged from 0 to 34.
  • A majority of academic libraries preferred the iPad over other brands for its availability of apps, readability and high level of demand from patrons. However, several libraries disliked the iPad because of lack of durability and high price.

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OCLC Global Council meets in The Hague, Netherlands

Delegates meet for the first time in Europe to discuss “Cooperation in a Rapidly Changing World”

Vincent Lokin, Manager, Cooperative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Rabobank, Netherlands, will give the keynote address on models for cooperation, and Breandán Knowlton, Programme Manager, Europeana, will address delegates on “Developing Projects in the Europeana Cultural Heritage Ecosystem.”

Global Council President ChewLeng Beh, Senior Director, Library and Professional Services and Director of SILAS National Library Board, Singapore, will preside over election of two key OCLC governance positions. Global Council Delegates will elect one Trustee to serve on the OCLC Board effective November 2013, and the Global Council Vice-President/President Elect, whose term will begin 1 July 2013.

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WebJunction May webinars

LibraryYOU: Library as Content Creator
 7 May 2013 | 1–2 p.m.

Learn how the Escondido Public Library partnered with local experts to create digital content for the library’s collection.

Broadband Adoption Toolkit
22 May 2013 | 1–2 p.m.

Join us for a conversation with the creators of the Broadband Adoption Toolkit to discuss implementation strategies for building digitally inclusive communities.


OCLC member libraries around the world:

Universidad Dominicana O&M
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
OCLC symbol: DROYM

Historische Bibliothek der Stadt Rastatt
Rastatt, Germany
OCLC symbol: DEKAS

Spalding Elementary School
Boise, Idaho, USA
OCLC symbol: IDSPA

Universidad del Valle de México San Rafael
Mexico City, Mexico
OCLC symbol: MXUVF

Instituto Nacional De Medicina Genómica
Mexico City, Mexico
OCLC symbol: INMEG

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