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EasyBib Academic Edition

How to introduce your customized EasyBib experience to your users

Most participants in the EasyBib Academic Edition beta saw dramatic increases in traffic (ranging from 65% to 100% year over year growth) with minimal marketing efforts. However, libraries who promoted the service experienced stronger growth rates. Here are some simple actions from beta libraries that helped everyone understand and use the new service:

For staff

  • Talk about it at meetings with fellow librarians
  • Send an e-mail to library staff
  • Put an article in the library staff newsletter

    Download a sample article.

  • Mention it in all-faculty meetings
  • Have subject liasons reach out to professors one-on-one
  • Discuss with writing center staff and interdisciplinary program advisors
  • Give presentations to show faculty and fellow staff members how EasyBib can improve research habits and information literacy

    Download the PowerPoint or preview it now:

For students

  • Place an EasyBib widget on various (or all) pages of your library Web site
  • Create a page about citations and research tools on your site (if you don't have one already)
  • Provide information about the service on your online campus newspaper
  • Write an article in your student newspaper (or invite a student to write it)
  • Create a series of brochures and posters to distribute around campus (online and print)
  • Write a blog post
  • Write a Facebook post

    Use this sample text: We now have a customized version of EasyBib. If you're an EasyBibber, enjoy the enhanced functionality. If not, why not? There are 58 format options in APA, MLA and Chicago. Be sure to try the Notebook feature, too.

  • Tweet it

    Use this sample text: See our new custom EasyBib site! No annoying ads and lots of additional features--links to library catalog, online chat, Notebook and more.

  • Send a mass e-mail to students
  • Promote the service in tutoring center and creative writing center
  • Do a survey on citation habits

    Download potential survey questions

Sample text and logo for Web page

EasyBib logo

This is a version of service that has been customized for [INSTITUTION NAME]. Anyone on campus who goes to will be redirected to the [INSTITUTION NAME] version of EasyBib. We're curious to know what you think! Send your feedback to library staff now.