EZproxy 5.2 now available for download

Back to school time for IT staff at libraries usually involves a handful of new databases to configure and an updated version of EZproxy access and authentication software. This year is no different: the latest version (5.2) is now available. A snippet of the enhancements going on in this release:
  • New directive for use in LDAP authentication, which allows the search filters that are used in login to also be used when reading attributes.
  • EZproxy now allows vector notation in the user.txt file, to give III systems more flexibility with contact information.
  • The sample config.txt updated to include more stanzas for OCLC resources, so it's easier and faster to add a new database to your configuration file.
  • See the full list and get the details on all the 5.2 changes.
Download the latest version of EZproxy 5.2 If you have specific questions about your installation, the EZproxy listserv is usually a good first step.
  • Alice Sneary

    Alice Sneary

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