Librarians, see how OCLC Web services can add value to your library operations

If you are new to Web services, take a few minutes to get acquainted with what they can do and how they work.

1 Explore the possibilities.

Browse our Gallery of applications to see how different institutions are using OCLC Web services to improve workflows and interface functionality.

2 Learn about Web services, mashups and platforms.

Read our Prerequisites and FAQs to get an understanding of the basic concepts. Build on that foundation with a review of the WorldShare platform. Next, take a look at our individual Web services.

3 Check eligibility.

While almost anyone can test most of our Web services in a sandbox environment, you'll want to review eligibility and our Terms and Conditions to be sure your organization can use our Web services in production.

4 Sign up to learn more.

Whether you subscribe to our news feed, or attend an event, finding ways to Collaborate with the Developer Network team and community will create opportunities for you to learn more about how libraries and partners use our Web services.

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