Error Statuses

Bad WSKey

HTTP Status 407 - org.oclc.wskey.api.WSKeyException: WSKeyAuthenticate Failed: status=UNAUTHENTICATED
type Status report
message org.oclc.wskey.api.WSKeyException: WSKeyAuthenticate Failed: status=UNAUTHENTICATED
description The client must first authenticate itself with the proxy (org.oclc.wskey.api.WSKeyException: WSKeyAuthenticate Failed: status=UNAUTHENTICATED).

WSKey parameter missing

HTTP Status 400 - org.oclc.wskey.api.WSKeyException: WSKeyParam(wskey) not found in request
type Status report
message org.oclc.wskey.api.WSKeyException: WSKeyParam(wskey) not found in request
description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (org.oclc.wskey.api.WSKeyException: WSKeyParam(wskey) not found in request).


Wskey has exceeded the daily query limit set as a rolling 24 hour limit -

HTTP Status 403
type Status report
message _limit exceeded_
description _Access to the specified resource (limit exceeded) has been forbidden._

Unsupported Index

SRU queries with an srw.AA label that isn't supported (or isn't supported at the default service level) -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/16
Message: Unsupported index

Limit Only

SRU queries that query the limit options only -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/18
Message: Limit index, can only be used to narrow a result for a non-limit index

Partial results error

When an SRU query has exhausted the resources used to get a response all the results that have been retrieved are returned along with this error message -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/59
Message: Resource exhausted - partial results available (32)


Query syntax error

Content query that is missing required element -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/10
Message: Query syntax error

No Holdings

Library Location requests for a record with no library holdings (or none at the default service level) -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/65
Message: Holdings does not exist

Record does not exist

Content bibliograhpic record or citation doesn't exist (or isn't supported for non-member wskeys) -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/65
Message: Record does not exist

Unsupported Operation

Results when a WorldCat Basic API key is used for WorldCat Search only functions -
Identifier: info:srw/diagnostic/1/4
Message: Unsupported operation

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