Holding Location Resource

URL and Supported Request

The Holding Location Resource supports one operation.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Search http://www.worldcat.org/webservices/registry/content/holdingcodes/Institutions/{Institution ID} GET

Response Format

Response Fields

Name Description
identifier Identifer for the resource
versionID The last time the data was updated
holdingCodeConfig Repeatable element that represents the holding Location
holdingCodeConfig/isDefaultHoldingSymbol Whether or not this is the default holding Location
holdingCodeConfig/holdingSymbol The OCLC Symbol associated with the holding Location
holdingCodeConfig/holdingCode The holding code associated with the holding Location
holdingCodeConfig/displayName The human readable display name for the holding Location
holdingCodeConfig/shelvingLocation Repeatable element that represents the shelving location(s) that are associated with this holding Location
holdingCodeConfig/branchRegistryID The WorldCat Registry ID for the "branch" associated with this holding Location

Example URLs

Retrieves the holding locations associated with the institution Registry ID 128807:

GET http://www.worldcat.org/webservices/registry/content/holdingcodes/Institutions/128807


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