Recommender Service Resource

URL and Supported Request

The Recommender Service Resource supports one operation.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Read[standard number]?inst=[institution id]&count=[result size]&sort=[sort option] GET

Response Format

Response Details

The response will be returned in REST/XML and will include one of the possible status codes:

code description
0 Success
4 No recommendations found for selected work
6 Selected work not found
8 Invalid request
12 Unkown error


Below is a list of all the possible parameters that can be used as part of a Recommender Service request:

Parameter Description
standard number Required: The standard number (OCLC or ISBN) number to search for.
institution id Optional: Limit results to items held by this institution.
count Optional: The number of items to return (10-25).
sort option Optional: Sort results (use WorldCat Search API sort params. e.g., 'Date,,0'. The default is 'relevance')

Example URL

Retrieves similar items to ISBN 978-0316769532 (J.D. Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’):



Kindred Works is a sample application that uses the experimental WorldCat recommender service. The Kindred Works prototype is available at The API expects all requests to be UTF-8 encoded. Responses are also UTF-8 encoded.

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